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How did da Vinci influence the Art of the Renaissance?

The world of art, the world that may be intriguing, a bit frightening, and even shocking. It is full of personalities that are not easy to understand. Their works affect individuals and societies wherever they were created. It is something that can be called “the art through ages”. 

One of the most significant periods in the history of art is the Renaissance that was taking place from the 14th to 17th centuries. It bridged the gap between the dark Middle Ages and modern civilization. The Renaissance gave the world a lot of great artists, architects, scientists. But there is one name that will surely never be forgotten—the name of Leonardo da Vinci.

Being a student and developing your cultural knowledge, you’ll meet this name all the time. Moreover, your professors will assign you to write papers about da Vinci, his masterpieces, life approaches, and his influence. Though manyservices are ready to help you with these assignments, it is still essential to read something about this artist and his inheritance. Of course, you may ask for professional essay writing helpwhenever you need it, but try to leverage the opportunities you have. Once you receive the perfect A-level paper from the essay writing service, read it and analyze it to find out some insights.

In any case, Leonardo da Vinci is a person you should know about. There were many outstanding artists with their insights and achievements, but this one was always one step ahead.

Who is Leonardo da Vinci and what is he famous for?

Leonardo da Vinci was born in Tuscany in 1452. His art path began in 1466 when he started his career from an assistant’s position, working for Andrea del Verrocchio. Since he was a bastard, he wasn’t required to become a notary like his father, and it was the primary reason why he received elementary education only. However, the inquisitive mind of young Leonardo has gained freedom of choice, and his father took into account the creative abilities of his son, and that’s how Leonardo da Vinci started his way in Florence. 

Now it is impossible to find a person that has never heard about the Mona Lisa or The Last Supper. But paintings are not the only ones that make da Vinci famous. The list of his achievements includes the first flying machine, the machine gun, the parachute, and many other incredible things that were just impossible, but not for him. If there were more people like da Vinci, the industrial revolution could have happened much earlier. 

Leonardo da Vinci and the art

During the 14-15th centuries, painting has developed thanks to Botticelli and Verrocchio, the great artists greatly. However, the works that were created by Leonardo de Vinci, Renaissance considered not just beautiful. They were revolutionary, and it made them influential. 

The artist used his anatomical knowledge to understand how the human body works and what can affect its actions. He tried to make his paintings very realistic and expressive; well, he succeeded with these goals. The emotions expressed by da Vinci were much more naturalistic than ever before. And if you need to write about their influence on the whole epoche in your research paper, it is worth mentioning that many painters were inspired to adopt this approach, the naturalistic approach for their pieces. The interesting fact is that Leonardo didn’t strive to keep his technique secret. He was open, and he wrote about his methods, tools, and strategies in Treatise on Painting.

He was a master of various techniques like chiaroscuro (treatment of light and shade), linear perspective, sfumato (blending gazes). Leonardo da Vinci’s style was revolutionary though he didn’t necessarily invent something new from scratch; he just certainly perfected ways of reflecting the real and imaginary. Speaking about his influence on other artists, it is worth mentioning that even Michelangelo was inspired by his works. Once he changed his approaches, his frescoes became more expressive and dynamic. 

Raphael, Filippino Lippi, del Sarto, and many other artists of the Renaissance were da Vinci followers, which makes the question of how did Leonardo da Vinci impact the Renaissance senseless. It wasn’t the matter of painting only — sculptors, architects, musicians, the whole creative society were in love with him, and they are easy to understand. 

Leonardo da Vinci and the science

Well, but what inspired Leonardo da Vinci himself? He was fascinated by science. Reading his notebooks, we can find out the basics of his theory of knowledge. Along with engineering and mechanics, the artist was also intrigued by the human body. It is believed that his anatomical drawings were created after his head dissected dozens of human bodies. 

Moreover, Leonardo da Vinci was a great observer. When you’re looking for essay help, you have to conduct a thorough investigation looking for a trustworthy source online. And da Vinci had to make empirical observations that changed many areas as town planning, hydraulic engineering, etc. 

Speaking honestly, it is easy to imagine Leonardo da Vinci living right now, working together with Elon Musk, launching new startups, and incredible AI projects. But for his epoche, da Vinci’s ideas were innovatory and shocking. You may think that there was nothing to limit his influence, but there was the undeniable power of the Church. It didn’t let him publish his anatomical findings since the Catholic hierarchy considered the dissection of bodies sinful. This is why Leonardo da Vinci had to hide some ideas and discoveries. Fortunately, we have some of his notebooks that provide contemporaries with enough information for research papers, assignment writing, educational programs, and courses, etc. 

Leonardo da Vinci and inventions

I have already mentioned that da Vinci wasn’t only a painter; he was an inventor. His notebooks are filled with ideas, plans, or drafts. There are plans for:

  • flying machine;
  • the machine gun;
  • diving suit;
  • parachute;
  • anemometer;
  • armored car;
  • self-propelled car;
  • humanoid robotic knight, etc. 

These things are pretty common these days, and most people won’t be surprised by them. But if you remember that Leonardo was born in the 15th century, this fact changes everything.

Unfortunately, some of his ground-breaking ideas were not implemented since Leonardo lacked some knowledge of finishing projects, resources, and, of course, support. A lot of time has passed since the industrial revolution happened, and people started to appreciate innovations. Nevertheless, Leonardo da Vinci had a great impact on the Renaissance and the next epochs. Modern artists and scientists are still looking for inspiration in da Vinci’s works, and it can’t be said they are not valuable, at least because they contain a pretty powerful reminder: there is nothing impossible when you think out of the box. 

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Oscar Mitchall is a professional author at an essay writing help service, based in LA. With specialization and a real passion for the arts, Oscar is constantly sharing innovative ideas and opportunities to show how beautiful the world can be.


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