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Houston man sues Justin Bieber over alleged beer-bong incident

Justin Bieber.  October 20, 2012.  Credit: Joe Bielawa via Wikimedia Commons.
Justin Bieber. October 20, 2012. Credit: Joe Bielawa via Wikimedia Commons.

By Brenda Sapino Jeffreys, From Texas Lawyer

After a Houston man filmed Justin Bieber spilling beer “all over himself, his clothes and on his face” while drinking from a “beer bong” in a Houston club, the pop singer smashed the man’s cellphone and had his security detail kick the man out of the club.
That’s what Robert Earl Morgan of Houston alleges in a lawsuit he filed against Bieber on May 3. Morgan seeks up to $100,000 in damages from Bieber, who performed in Houston on April 9.
Morgan alleges in the petition in Morgan v. Bieber that as a result of Bieber’s actions, he had to buy a new cellphone and lost the business contacts and messages he had on the phone as well as photographs of his grandmother’s recent 100th birthday party.
“Furthermore, Morgan has been distressed over the almost 5,000 pictures and videos that have documented the last year of his travels which he will never be able to recoup. Morgan, who minored in photography in college, can never get back the photos that were lost from his telephone,” Morgan alleges in the petition filed in the 333rd District Court in Harris County.
An email seeking comment on the allegations and sent to Bieber’s management company, Scooter Braun Management, was not responded to immediately.
“This guy is just a fan and you have a superstar here who thinks he’s above the law and takes this guy’s phone and smashes it,” plaintiff’s attorney Jason Friedman said in an interview May 4. Friedman is an attorney at Friedman & Feiger in Dallas.
As alleged in the petition, Morgan, Bieber and rapper Post Malone were among those at the Cle nightclub in Houston the night of April 9 after Bieber’s performance at the Toyota Center on the Purpose World Tour. Morgan alleges that while Malone performed the hit song “White Iverson” at Cle, Bieber appeared to put out a “cigarette or blunt” on Malone’s arm.
Morgan alleges that “after burning his friend and colleague’s arm,” Bieber started chugging some beer through a beer bong, which Malone describes as a funnel with a tube attached that allows people to drink alcohol fast.
“Unfortunately for Bieber, he was clearly a novice because as he attempted to chug his beverage through the beer bong, he miscalculated the amount of beer he could intake and beer spilled all over himself, his clothes, and on his face,” Morgan alleges in the petition.
Morgan alleges that he “happened” to be taking a Snapchat of Bieber around the time the singer was drinking from the beer bong. He alleges that “everyone else” in the club was taking pictures and videos throughout the night, and Bieber should be aware that will happen when he makes appearances at public locations, especially nightclubs.
Morgan alleges that after Bieber drank from the beer bong, he saw Morgan taking a video, and immediately “scolded” Morgan and grabbed his cellphone. Morgan alleges he told Bieber he would delete the Snapchat and, concerned about his personal and business information stored on the phone, asked Bieber to return the phone.
“Before Morgan could say anything else, Bieber smashed Morgan’s telephone into pieces and had his security detail toss Morgan out of the area where Bieber was located. Bieber’s security detail grabbed Morgan and pulled him out of the club,” Morgan alleges in the petition.
Morgan alleges Bieber was “intoxicated and had consumed some illegal substances” that night.
Morgan alleges the “assault” occurred shortly before Cle closed, and employees of the club allowed him back in to search for his phone’s SIM card, but he could not locate it.
Morgan alleges he had to buy a new phone and buy out his cellphone contract, and lost valuable pictures and business contacts, messages and negotiations. He alleges he is a sales director for a Houston company, and the events have affected his company and his commissions.
Morgan brings assault by offensive physical contact and conversion causes of action against Bieber, and he seeks actual and exemplary damages from Bieber, costs and interest.
IMAGE: Justin Bieber. Credit: Joe Bielawa via Wikimedia Commons
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