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Hooked on preventing diabetes

The Cayman Islands Angling Club and the Cayman Islands Diabetes Charitable Trust are once again hooking up for cause-related awareness and fundraising opportunity. The Cayman Islands International Fishing Tournament taking place May 1-8, 2012 is Cayman’s biggest fishing event held for the angling community and friends with an expected turnout of 40 boats and approximately 200 anglers.

At Tuesday night’s Registration Kick-off party at the Governor’s Ballroom, Westin Casuarina Resort and Spa, raffle tickets for two round trip tickets to any Cayman Airways gateway destination donated by the Department of Tourism went on sale to benefit the trust. Anglers also took the opportunity to bid on Staycations, spa treatments, auto spa, massages, the latest book by celebrity Guy Harvey, a plethora of restaurant certificates, and vouchers for local home and garden shops and fishing stores that were included in a silent auction, items that they and their families could use at a later date.

The Diabetes Education Centre at the Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital was also on hand througout the evening to showcase new diabetes education and diet tools including diabetes alert bracelets. The centre, established last year, is an immensely valuable community resource because for many, diabetes presents a long continuing struggle that affects their quality of life, the foods they eat and their independence. For others life is cut short by acute metabolic complications such as ketoacidosis, lactic acidosis or hypoglycemic unawareness, or from related complications such as stroke, heart attack and renal failure. By providing diabetes education and reliable support the centre offers the chance to gain a clear advantage over diabetes.

“On behalf of the trustee I would like to congratulate the Cayman Islands Angling Club for continuing to support such a worthy cause as diabetes”, commented Mrs. Debra Humphreys of Cayman National Trust Co. Ltd. “The trust is also grateful to all those who made donations to the silent auction and the Department of Tourism which will enable the trust to raise funds that can be put back into diabetes care”. Christina Rowlandson, speaking on behalf of all the volunteers added, “We would also like to publicly thank the group from The Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital as their participation truly helped bring greater diabetes awareness at the Registration Kick-off event”.

Diabetes is presently the number two cause of illness according to the Cayman Islands Census 2010. However Dr. Hislop-Chestnut, who co-chairs the Childhood Obesity Taskforce, believes that the prevalence of Diabetes is probably far, far greater. “There are many people with diabetes that do not know it and a significant number suffer pre-diabetes due to elevated sugar levels in the blood,” commented Dr. Chestnut. “I commonly prescribe lab tests for my patients to determine their risk for diabetes-related complications with or without established diabetes, especially if they are over forty-five years of age”.

The trust’s advisory committee will attend various weight station events through-out the four days of actual fishing and hopes that it will raise awareness of diabetes among both anglers and spectators. “While sometimes I think we forget how serious a disease diabetes is because it is so common, every diabetic is a father/ mother, brother/ sister, son/daughter, and it is incumbent on families and health services to keep evaluating treatment and education needs to make sure we are acting in the diabetic’s best interest and effectively lowering the risk of deadly complications,” commented Christina Rowlandson, present Chair of the trust’s advisory committee. “We are delighted that the angling community is on board to help with this goal”.

Already the trust’s involvement in this tournament seems to be a great success. The Cayman Islands International Fishing Tournament continues through Sunday 6 May and culminates with the Prize Giving Dinner, Awards Presentation and Auction on Tuesday 8 May at the Westin Casuarina Resort and Spa when the raffle drawing and winners of the auction items will be announced and presented.

Last year, the Barcadere Classic Fishing Tournament generated over CI$2,000.00 for the trust. “This year we hope that monies raised will far surpass that”, commented Mr. Len Layman of the Cayman Islands Angling Club.

The Cayman Islands Diabetes Charitable Trust was established on December 8, 2010 by Cayman National Trust Co. Ltd as professional and pro bono trustee, and has an advisory committee which the following individuals serve: Christina Rowlandson (Chairman), Baron Jacob (Treasurer), Bradley Johnson (Secretary), Seeta Paltoo and Doss Solomon. There are a number of honorary positions including Mrs. Debra Humphreys, the Hon Mary Lawrence MBE JP, Honorary Patron and David Pytches, Honorary Legal Council.



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