June 18, 2021

Home Gas offers propane installation training

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As part of their ongoing commitment to ensure that all propane installations are done in accordance with the codes governing their safety, Home Gas is holding a weeklong Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) course 22 – 26 of August.

The program, developed by the National Propane Gas Association and the Propane Education and Research Council, is being conducted to train local propane appliance technicians and government authorities.
The course is being taught by Peter Patrick who has more than 45 years experience in the propane industry. “This extensive weeklong training program encompasses all aspects of handling liquid propane and operational procedures for vapor distribution systems and safe propane gas installation practices,” Mr. Patrick said.

“CETP certification training is a major step in the process of making sure propane is used safely in these islands,” said Dayne Brady, General Manager of Home Gas. “It will give government inspectors the training they need to ensure that all gas installations done here meet the National Fire Protection standards as well as the International Fuel Gas Code.”

Those attending this week’s Certified Employee Training session are Maurice Lawson and Andre Yates, with the Building Control Unit (BCU) of Planning; and Michael Green, Will Day, Franklin Watson and Paul Gayton with Home

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