December 6, 2021

Heartless thieves put lives at risk

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Mrs Beulah McField

Heartless thieves stole life-saving supplements during a raid at a charity.

The nutrients were taken in a break-in at the Meals on Wheels centre in George Town.

It put an elderly woman’s life in danger and staff at the centre faced a race against time to replace the vital items.

In the end staff paid for the supplements out of their own pockets to ensure the elderly woman’s health.

The break-in happened on Wednesday and has left staff at the centre on McField Lane shell-shocked.

Director Mrs. Beulah McField, said: ““This is definitively beyond the scope of anything that I could ever imagine. Of course I feel violated after this incident. I don’t have the same sense of security.”

Mrs. Mcfield says she is especially saddened by the deprivation of nutrients for a helpless senior citizen, whose special food source [Ensure] was also stolen.

She added: “We also provide food for people who cannot eat certain meats.

“There are senior citizens who, because of their age, have to be kept on special diets.

“We had a special food supplement called “Ensure” for an old lady that cannot consume any other kind of food and they took that away.

“We have been in this little corner now for 16 years, with no surveillance, no light, and no security and it wasn’t this bad.

“We have been robbed before, but at that time the robbers only took what they needed to eat.”

Mrs. McField added that the type of goods taken from the location did not suggest that there is an element of maliciousness involved in
the heist.

The community centre that was burgled

“They took the kid’s juices, carrots and frozen vegetables, toilet tissues, paper towels and serving trays and soup cups, and they vandalised the place; “that’s not just due to hunger; that is malicious,” she said.

Meals on wheels, a charitable organisation that provides much needed food for the poor, elderly people, and less fortunate children, was raided, looted and vandalised on Wednesday.

Staff say they now need to raise funds to help improve the security of the centre and avoid another break-in.

Mrs McField added: “We have to dig deep now into our pockets to provide security for the premises and we also have to replace everything that they took away.

“The community came together and gave us some support and have donated cash and kind.”




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