October 15, 2021

Harney’s sponsors Cayman Islands marathon for sixth consecutive year

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On Sunday 4 December, more than 1300 runners enthusiastically took to the road for one of Cayman’s most anticipated sporting events of the year, the Cayman Islands Marathon. Harneys once again showed its support by sponsoring the event for the sixth consecutive year as the mile 3 water stop sponsor.
This year, the Harneys water stop team chose the theme superheroes. As runners passed water stop three they were greeted by an energetic group dressed up as superheroes with lively music and friendly faces encouraging runners to keep moving.
Lachlan Greig, head of Harneys water stop team, commented: “This was my first time participating in the annual event and I was delighted to see how many runners came out. We were happy to help encourage everyone as they started the race or headed to the finish line. It was fun to have a number of the runners say we really are their superheroes. Events of this scale could not happen without a tremendous support from the community and all the volunteers that gave up their morning for the runners to have an enjoyable race.”
As well as sponsoring the water stop, Harneys lawyers and staff also participated in the marathon. Dhanshuklal Vekaria completed the full marathon, while Aleisha Brown, Carolynn Vivian, Elaine McGriele, James Elliott, Olivia Shanks and Paul Madden completed the half marathon.
From SportStats Top 12 Marathon placings
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