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Haiti Invitation Future Tech Week- VR, Blockchain, Ai, Nano

Haiti Tech Community, is pleased to invite you to the Future Tech Week Series featuring 

  • 1000 attendees 
  • 20+ major partners 
  • 4 major summits 
  • 1 global network 

This annual series features over 100 global speakers and top partners in the New York tech ecosystem. 

As this is a free series, we are oversubscribed for each summit. Access is first come, first served. Once venue is at capacity we will close the doors and registration check in. We do still have some VIP package tickets left which guarantees admission and offers several other experience perks. You can upgrade your ticket by purchasing a VIP pass now. 

VR Tech Summit September 9, 2019 11am-4pm EST
Blockchain Tech Summit  September 10, 2019 11am-4pm EST
 Ai Tech Summit September 12, 2019 9am-1pm EST
Nano Tech Summit September 13, 2019 11am-4pm EST


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