December 1, 2020

Guyanese Girls Rock Foundation launched with fanfare

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By Tangerine Clarke From Caribbean Life

Guyanese Girls Rock Movement (GGRM) stepped into the spotlight with the launch of Guyanese Girls Rock Foundation during a lavish reception at Zen Hibachi Lounge in Queens. The four-year-old organization proved that it was a force bigger than the stormy weather on Oct. 29, attracting many patrons who showed support for the non-profit focused on igniting passion in Guyanese girls to become the next generation of global leaders.

The red carpet event attended by New York State Senator Roxanne Persaud and Guyana Consul General to New York, Barbara Atherly raised much needed funds via its Silent Auction and raffle, to provide leadership capabilities in young women to empower and help the youth, to reach their full potential through enrichment programs, scholarships and exposure to exceptional female role models.

Sen. Roxanne Persaud, lauded Founder and President Harris-Stoute for her vision and commitment to launch the Guyanese Girls Girl Rock foundation, adding, “we are showing people how progressive we are and how committed we are.”

The Senator of the 19th Senate District in Brooklyn, in acknowledging Harris-Stoute, an entrepreneur and someone who continue to inspire women through her organization, offered congratulations and called on attendees to continue their support of Guyanese Girls Rock, the foundation.

“Remember, when you have a vision, write it down. When Cloyette started her blog for year ago, she knew she wanted to launch a foundation, so today it is here.”

“On behalf of the New York City State Senate, and the people, we applaud you for the hard work you have done, and we will work with you as you continue this journey,” said Sen. Persaud.

“When we think of a leader, we think of someone who is committed, someone who has drive and someone whose resolve is to move things towards a singular unified purpose — like the Guyanese Girls Rock Foundation — breaking conventions and developing new products and service,” declared Consul General Barbara Atherly.

The diplomat applauded for its efforts to raise awareness, and educate “our young women in confidence building, leadership skills, proper etiquette and college readiness,” noting that women empowerment will ensure equal rights.

“Let the resilient character of a Guyanese woman be applied positively and let us all commit to our girls who have the right to let their voices heard; to be empowered and to take up leadership roles in our community,” added CG Atherly.

Vice President of GGRF, , Esq., reiterated the importance of the foundation’s trust, which is to inspire, motivate and celebrate the brilliance and achievement of Guyanese girls and women across the globe, during her welcome note.

Young author, Anaya Lee Wallabies, cemented the foundation’s vision in her poem “She Believes In Me” that said “Women of courage, you are not a hero but a She-Ro, nothing can stop you but yourself, as I watch your compassion for others.”

The excitement in the room was further amplified by the infectious rhythm of “GT Woman,” a new release performed by lyricist Courtney Noel which rocked the event.

Harris-Stoute said that she felt Guyanese women were not adequately recognized for their contributions and was inspired to launch Guyanese Girl Rock Movement.


Board members of Guyanese Girls Rock Foundation, from left, , Cloyette Harris-Stoute and Rhonda Binda, Esq. against the GGRF backdrop at Zen Hibachi Lounge in Queens
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