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Guyana: Suspected rapist kills cop

handcuffs-arrest-560x390From St Lucia Times

One policeman was stabbed to death and two other lawmen were injured Tuesday afternoon by a suspected rapist during efforts to arrest him at Matthews Ridge, North West District.

The incident occurred at about 5:30 PM.

Dead in 62-year old Sergeant Linden La Rose who was enlisted in the Guyana Police Force in 1995. Police said he was stabbed to his neck by Dennis Marks. Marks also stabbed two other policemen- one to his right hand and another to his chest- during efforts to restrain and arrest him.

Divisional Commander for the Interior, Ravindra Budram told Demerara Waves Online News that the police exercised great restraint and tolerance before shooting the assailant to one of his right thigh and arresting him.

“They exercised great patience and tolerance although he was armed with a knife,” Budram said.

Police said he was wanted in connection with the alleged rape of a female juvenile.

Constable Lewis, who was stabbed to his chest, was admitted to a hospital in Region One for observation while Constable Schultz was treated and sent away. Marks was also treated and sent away into police custody.


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