August 2, 2021

GT Landfill: Expect to see smoke rising today (Fri 13)

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From Cayman Islands Ministry of Home Affairs

Excavator digging to root of fire

Residents and visitors to Grand Cayman can expect to see smoke rising from the George Town Landfill today as an excavator is used to dig down to the heart of a fire that began earlier this month.

While the fire was extinguished on 1 March, 2015, hotspots have continued. On 5 March a large chunk of concrete, which was retaining heat, had to be removed.

In order for fire crews to reach the seat of the fire, extra personnel have been brought in to put in position before the excavator can start digging, which will cause the landfill to smoke more than usually. Emergency 9-1-1 will be notified before the process starts.

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