June 14, 2021

Grand Turk Development Enterprise announces the signing of an agreement to facilitate bringing new manufacturing opportunities to Grand Turk

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MOU Signing Picture of Paul Day on the Left & Howard Nash on the Right[1]_1Nov 17, 2014 – Grand Turk, TCI, BWI – Paul Day of Grand Turk Development Enterprise (GTDE) announced today that he has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Howard D. Nash of Creative Investment Holdings Ltd. to assist him in completing a Technology Transfer of a number of propriety Canadian Manufacturing Technologies to Grand Turk. While many opportunities are being discussed for TCI two of the most prominent are:

A new manufacturing facility to produce stay-in-place concrete wall forming systems that promote easy construction in all types of climates. The factory on Grand Turk will produce and manufacture from raw materials, a complete range of Extruded Polymer Forms to enable the construction of a full range of structures, from low-income homes, houses, villas, apartments, resorts, schools, shopping malls, and warehouses. Nuform Building Technologies Inc. (NUFORM®), the company who will do the technology transfer, is a leading provider of ceiling and wall systems in North America and around the world. With installations in over 60 different countries Nuform’s cutting-edge building systems – CONFORM®, RELINE® and RENU® have revolutionized the construction industry offering smart alternatives to traditional building materials which can be cost
and labor intensive. NUFORM® weather-resistant building systems are impervious to heat or cold and can be designed to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes. The rigid polymer forms easily slide together; creating durable pre-finished walls that can be constructed quickly saving you time and money. The panels are erected and poured with concrete leaving a finished wall that requires no additional painting, stucco or additional cladding.

Paul commented, “Grand Turk Development Enterprise is committed to conserving natural resources and reducing the environmental impact of buildings. Our products will be designed to be environment-friendly and energy-efficient, thereby providing a significant boost to business efforts at minimizing their carbon footprint. In fact, just using the environment-friendly CONFORM® pre-finished wall system can contribute towards a possible 15 LEED points spearheading companies certification process.”

Mr. Nash comments, “The products are for both the Turks & Caicos Islands and for export to other parts of the Caribbean and South America. Nuform Buildings Technologies propriety technology makes its structures rapid to erect, are stronger and economical than conventional concrete block systems and are hurricane, termite and earthquake resistant. We are already receiving interest, and orders from the region but have to forward enquiries on to the Canadian factory for now.” Mr. Day adds, “We also have an offer to become the main distributor for the Caribbean of a special Thermal Stucco system to increase the already substantial insulated properties of these structures and to give them a truly Caribbean look. This project alone will create twenty- four new full time jobs.”

The second transfer of technology will establish Turks & Caicos Granite & Marble, a stand-alone factory that will manufacture a beautiful, elegant and practical line of resin cast Marble, Onyx and Granite construction and renovation products. Paul comments, “We will be producing a custom line of vanity tops, kitchen island countertops, tables, desks, flooring, bath & shower surrounds and wall coverings. This manufacturing
system also produces specialty molded seamless easy clean hygienic, sanitary ware, for various medical applications, meeting the hygienic needs for hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. The manufacturing system also develops custom office furnishings, specialty decorative giftware items, souvenirs, and business premiums and is expected
to create sixteen new full time jobs.”

Paul adds, “Many islanders now days care about making eco-friendly choices and when it comes to countertops, engineered stone is one of the most environmentally sensitive choices you can make. Also, this type of surface offers a host of other benefits too. It is beautiful, hygienic, extremely durable, heat & stain resistant and available in a wider range of colors than natural stone. Its nonporous surface resists scratches and cracks and unlike natural stone, it does not require annual sealing.”

Mr. Day and Mr. Nash comment that they are happy to be entering into this agreement today to bring new technologies to Turks and Caicos and to create new high-value employment for residents of Grand Turk.

Mr. Day adds that “In addition to the technologies being transferred in from Canada there will be other factories located in the proposed Development Zone. This development will be located near South Dock, Grand Turk, TCI and include but not limited to;

A General Fabrication, Welding and Engineering Company that will facilitate fabrication of steel buildings, frames, braces, gates, fencing and security grills to complement the Nuform and other buildings. It will also perform ship, container and marine repairs and equipment maintenance.

Grand Turk Plastic Recycling and Injection Moulding will consist of a small recycling plant to collect plastic containers, aluminium beverage containers, steel cans,
cardboard, glass bottles and glass containers and debris from consumers on Grand Turk and from Cruise Ships calling at Grand Turk Cruise Centre. The plastic waste will be converted into a powder or pellet form and used in an Injection Moulding Process for a raw material to create plastic deck, beach furniture, water tanks, containers, bins, buckets, etc. for sale locally and for regional export.

A Marine Insurance Office with a Lloyds- Bahamas Sub Office.

Grand Turk Shipping will be arranging the shipment of Imports and Exports from
Enterprise Zone Businesses, custom clearance, ships agency, etc.

Mr. Day asserts that all, or the majority of the required funding is in place for this project, Mr. Nash has already done the most of the legwork associated with the Transfer of Technology and all that is needed now is the TCI Government’s approval and we will be able to create at least 72 new manufacturing, management and administration jobs, along with many new business opportunities for residents of Turks & Caicos. The other companies’ mention above will add another 20 to 25 jobs for Grand Turk.


Paul Day a resident of Grand Turk since 1993 started his various Engineering careers in the UK, then joined the Royal Navy as a Nuclear Submariner before joining the British Merchant Navy as a Navigation Officer. After retiring from military service he owned an Engineering Company involved in ship repair, marine salvage, design and build and operated turn key food processing companies in the UK, USA, Martinique, Belize, Guyana, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Indonesia and the Turks & Caicos Islands. Mr. Day was the largest private sector employer on Grand Turk and the largest importer and exporter in the TCI for nearly two decades. Besides operating Columbus Foods Ltd (Rice Mill) and Sugar Millers (TCI) Ltd Mr. Day operated a shipping hub at South Dock, Grand Turk, connecting South America, the Caribbean, the USA and Europe during the same period.

Mr. Nash is the Caribbean and surrounding area Agent for Nuform Building Technologies, past Chair of the NL branch of the Canadian Manufacturing Association, and former Board member of the National organization representing over ten thousand (10,000) Canadian Manufacturing Companies. His background give him access to key industry players in every Province of Canada and he is working with Mr. Day of the Grand Turk Development Enterprise to bring new and innovative industry opportunities to Grand Turk.

Paul Day Howard D. Nash
Grand Turk Development Enterprise Creative Investment Holdings Ltd
Tel: 649-241-9660 Tel: 649-344-1393
Email: [email protected] [email protected]
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