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Cayman Islands Governor Pinned in Poppy Appeal

The annual Poppy Appeal kicked off this morning (Tuesday, 10 October 2017) when Her Excellency the Governor, Helen Kilpatrick, met with members of the Cayman Islands Veterans Association (CIVA).

The Governor was pinned with the first poppy by former United States Marine, Ms. Shadden McLaughlin.

The ceremony to launch the appeal took place in the lobby of the Government Administration Building, where a collection will be taken until the appeal closes following Remembrance Day celebrations.

“The poppies represent the service other people have given, men and women throughout the ages, to ensure the safety and freedom of the general public,” veteran and new president of CIVA, Mr. Andrew McLaughlin said. “I served 22 years active duty in the United States Marines and to me; to get back into uniform to help the veterans is a matter of pride and camaraderie.”

All money raised will go towards welfare for veterans in the Cayman Islands.

During the pinning ceremony Mr. McLaughlin appealed to the public to please donate and support local veterans.

“We are very thankful for all of the attention that we get because our veterans need it,” he said. “The average age of a veteran in the Cayman Islands is well over 70-years-old.”

Mr. McLaughlin added that interested persons can now become associate members of CIVA.

“If you have a member of your family that was a veteran and you’d like to be part of the Veteran’s Association and do your part, you can become an association member. We’ve also opened up the new programme to people who don’t have any members of their family to ever serve and still want to be of help to the veterans, you can also apply for the associate membership.”

Donations can be made to collection boxes at many locations in Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

Photo captions: Photos by Jamie Hicks, GIS

Governor Pinned Photo: Ms. Shadden McLaughlin pins the first poppy on Her Excellency the Governor Helen Kilpatrick.

Veterans with Governor Photo: Mr. Graham Walker, Capt. Dale Banks, Mr. Paul Ebanks, Mr. Mike Marshall, Her Excellency the Governor Helen Kilpatrick, Mr. Andrew McLaughlin, Mr. Bob Thompson, Mr. Larry Rotchell & Ms. Shadden McLaughlin

Cayman Islands Veteran Association Members Photo: Mr. Bob Thompson, Mr. Graham Walker, Mr. Larry Rotchell, Ms. Shadden McLaughlin, Capt. Dale Banks, Mr. Paul Ebanks, Mr. Andrew McLaughlin & Mr. Mike Marshall


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