November 30, 2021

GLOBAL ENERGY CRISIS: Craig Golinkowski, Founder & CEO of Carbon Infrastructure Partners comments

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Gas prices continue to climb as global energy consumption continues to heat up in the face of what is forecast to be a record cold winter. And with COP 26 coming up next week, a large topic at the global climate conference should be how Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) can work together with other energy sources, including renewables to reduce emissions and provide clean, firm dependable energy. 

CIP Managing Partner Craig Golinowski is among the many that believe this massive emphasis on intermittent solar generation is a misstep and a broader focus needs to be on reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs), not eliminating fossil fuels, which are needed for a stable energy system. The energy grid challenges seen in Texas, California and most recently across  Europe highlight this.  That’s where Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) and Clean Firm Power comes in as a critical part of the energy portfolio to help produce clean, zero emission, reliable power. 

About Carbon Infrastructure Partners

Carbon Infrastructure Partners (CIP) is an alternative investment firm that invests in, and champions unlocking capital across, the entire carbon lifecycle, from hydrocarbon-based energy production through to carbon capture and storage (CCS). With offices and partners in Palo Alto, Phoenix, and Calgary, CIP is the evolution of a team from JOG Capital that produced a 14-year track record managing more than $1.3 billion in energy investments. 

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