March 22, 2023

German hunter is killed by wild boar he was trying to shoot

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A hunter in northern Germany was killed by a boar he was trying to shoot as a trophy on Sunday, according to Deutsche Welle.

There are conflicting reports whether the pig was injured but the wild boar in question attacked and fatally wounded a German hunter while the man was out for the day in the woods.

The 50-year-old man was hunting with several others close to the northeastern town of Greifswald, 120 miles (190 km) north of Berlin when he was charged and killed by the male boar.

Witnesses said that the man fired one shot and then moved to see the animal that was in some high reeds where the pig surprised him.

The man suffered serious injuries to his left thigh and fell into a nearby pond, but died later at a hospital with an autopsy planned to determine the exact cause of death.

The man has not been identified and the whereabouts of the boar is currently unknown.

One report said the boar was already shot when it attacked the man but the local police said it was unclear if the pig actually was shot by the hunter.

The Germany Hunting Association in Berlin said that it was important to never look for animals that had been shot alone and noted that wild boars were increasing in population all over Germany.

“Wild boars are the winners of climate change and agricultural and energy policies,” Torsten Reinwald said.

At least 500,000 wild boars are killed by hunting every year in Germany, but experts warn that is not enough to keep the population from growing more.

In Berlin alone, over 6,000 boars live in forests on the edge of the bustling metropolis.

Boars made headlines earlier this year in October in Germany when two were able to rampage in the town of Heide in the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein, injuring four people in the melee.

One male and one female stormed through the city in the early morning before the male entered a local bank and started attacking people before a local hunter arrived and was able to shoot and kill the animal.

The second boar managed to escape amid the chaos while emergency services were using ladders to help evacuate people from the bank’s upper-story windows.

Earlier that day the male boar attacked a woman outside an optician’s before attacking the bank’s branch manager’s leg and biting another man’s finger partially off during the attack, according to local broadcaster NDR.

The mayor of the town, Ulf Stecher, witnessed the incident and said that the police allowed the hunter to shoot the boar since their weapons were too powerful, while local hunters were unable to find the sow and that she was likely already on the outskirts of the city and should not be approached.

In January of 2017, there was also an errant herd of boars that injured three people near Berlin’s Tegel airport., Maureen Foody

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