December 2, 2023

Generative AI- stay up to date with Sony, Maersk, and Warner Music

From Olivier Browne, The Reuters MOMENTUM Team

With the recent announcement of GPT-4 and the rollout of Google’s Bard, Generative AI will transform the core business processes of market research, design, and content creation. All eyes are on tech leaders to balance its power with responsible leadership.

A few weeks ago, we brought together 4 influential leaders who have taken the leap and integrated synthetic content into their business processes. From spreading discriminatory content or misinformation, to infringing creator copyright, the risks are not to be underestimated.

Watch the panel discussion now! Access it here

Get up to speed on the concrete applications for Generative AI and build key strategies to safeguard against discriminatory outputs as synthetic content becomes the new normal.

Catch up on the conversation with our industry experts:

  • Alice Xiang, Global Head of AI EthicsSony
  • Holly Landry, Chief Data OfficerMaersk
  • Moin Haque, Chief Data OfficerWarner Music Group
  • Chanuki Seresinhe, Head of Data ScienceZoopla

Everything you need to harness Generative AI – watch now

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Olivia Browne
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