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General gambling concepts new casino player should understand

By Chris

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Casinos, both land-based and digital, offer a wide array of different games and try to cater to as many players as possible. Nowadays we even have arcade games in casinos, and younger generations find them more appealing but they also feel nostalgic to a bit older players who grew up playing those games. Since there is a decent selection of different games, players can try out various tactics, and even play games where luck is not the only factor that determines the winner.

Still, if anyone is new to the whole concept of iGaming there are a few things they should know before they start playing. Those gambling concepts will be discussed in greater detail, and hopefully, you will find them useful next time you decide to play online casino games. 

The House Always Wins

Much like any other line of work, casinos are business for profit, and the only way to make money is by offering games with a higher house edge. In other words, casinos don’t cheat, they are pretty upfront with how the games work and display the winning percentage so that players are aware of how unlikely they are to win. However, no one would play a game where they can’t win or lose constantly, so the house edge is carefully calibrated.

The idea is to keep the idea of winning alive, and that’s done by giving a player an occasional small win, and eventually a jackpot. People who hit the jackpot usually get a life-changing profit, and everyone else starts to feel optimistic.

You Can Mitigate Your Losses  

House edge is not going to be important if you know how to effectively reduce your losses at the casino. There is no reason to feel bad if you lose at a casino game, but it’s important not to get too invested in hopes of achieving victory. Always remember that statistically you are not supposed to win, and make sure you set a limit for how much you want to spend at the casino on a weekly basis and don’t go over that limit. 

The best way to get your weekly fun at a low expense is to take advantage of casino bonuses. Online gambling platforms tend to give their users so-called deposit bonuses, which are really useful. In other words, you get to play twice as much for the same amount of money if 100 deposit bonuses are available. As there are multiple platforms with the same or similar offer, you can rotate from one to another and utilize these bonuses. Bear in mind these are not just one time things and they will be available again after some time, so with enough accounts, you can constantly operate in a bonus zone. 

Strategy Matters 

Games like slots and roulette are really all up to luck, as you don’t get to affect the results once you start playing. However, there are games where your decisions matter, and learning a few things actually help you win. Poker and Blackjack are games where some players are simply better than others and are more likely to win at the end. Unfortunately, if you keep winning, casinos won’t like it. You are allowed to do calculations and count cards, as there is no rule that prohibits these actions, however, if you keep winning at your table, other players will have a bad time as well. This is why casinos pay close attention to players who have unusually high win streaks in games like Blackjack. 

Gambler Fallacy


Source: Pixabay

One of the main ideas we have is that previous outcomes somehow determine the future. This is a common example of the gambler fallacy which can result in even more losses. To elaborate, players feel that if in a roulette game the ball lands on a red field 10 times in a row that the next game the ball will land on a black field. There is nothing but our imagination that supports this thesis, and the fact that the ball landed 10 times on red is just a chance. It will always be near a 50% chance for it to land on either red or black.


Hopefully, you find these concepts useful and they will guide your decisions when you decide to play in a casino. Always remember to play responsibly and that chasing a win is counter-productive, in most cases you’ll just have to wait for your lucky day. 


Next to being a dedicated writer, Chris is also a software developer at Gamblizard as well as an avid fan of slot games. Chris enjoys exploring the world of iGaming for both business and pleasure and loves to share his perspective on different casino games. He also loves watching eSports events, and occasionally betting on his favourite League of Legends teams.  


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