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This Calculator Does Not Want Your Attention…

From Core77


Midtone aims to be a calculator that seeks as little visual attention as possible. The design blends LCD display and main body together by using a pigeon gray color, creating a monochromatic look.
Design Team
Erdem Selek + Hale Selek

The most obvious objects that we use everyday are often the ones that are hardest to see. LCD display is one of those things, we nearly ignore its existence. They are so embedded in our lives that we do not realize the fact that they also have color.This LCD matching color which gives the product its name, Midtone, is a move to bring a silence to the object by assigning a monochromatic look to it.

Midtone in LCD color sits naturally in its environment. The design uses an extruded form that creates a monoblock look which enhances its integral appearance. To keep the product’s purity, instead of printed text or color graphics, texture and text line weight were used for grouping basic button functions. These emboss and recesses on the buttons are designed to help with distinguishing the functions as well as improving tactile experience.

Midtone calculator’s white version aims to stay in harmony with the other stationary objects in a desktop environment. The 12 digit calculator uses coin sized battery which can easily be replaced using a coin.

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