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Freedom United’s New Campaign

The Freedom United community has spoken[1] ─ and we have collectively decided that more needs to be done to combat child labor rollbacks across the U.S. So that is precisely what we are doing.

 Not only have we created a whole new campaign for this action, but the CNN Freedom Project has selected this campaign to be featured during #MyFreedomDay on March 14!   

This new campaign and exciting collaboration with CNN make our efforts to protect child workers from exploitation in the U.S. more impactful, accessible, and targeted. 
Join the campaign

Many U.S. states have introduced or passed legislation that weakens child labor laws. The new legislation pushes for minors to receive a lower minimum wage, work longer hours, and permit their employment in hazardous occupations. 

Types of work previously banned include industrial laundry services, freezers, and meat coolers, operating heavy machinery such as power saws, or joining demolition projects.  

These jobs can be fatal. Duvan Tomas Perez, a 16-year-old from Guatemala, died in July 2023 in a machinery-related incident at a Mar-Jac poultry plant. Just a boy, Duvan was too young to work at the poultry plant legally.  

Amid these efforts to roll back child labor laws, an unprecedented number of migrant children are coming to the U.S. unaccompanied. Consequently,traffickers and unscrupulous employers are taking advantage of the weak child labor laws and exploiting vulnerable migrant children, fully aware that they lack alternative viable opportunities. 

Take action

Can you sign this petition and pressure the U.S. states that are in the process of passing unjust, exploitative, and dangerous child labor rollbacks to kill the bills? Working children in the U.S. need strong labor laws that guarantee their rights and protection from exploitation.  

Take action and stay tuned on this new campaign for further updates, wins, and partnerships to end child labor rollbacks in the U.S. for good. 

In solidarity, 

Ellie and the team supporting the Freedom United community 

P.S. Stay up to date on the bills introduced or passed in each state here.

Ellie Finkelstein
Campaigner, News Editor, Freedom United


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