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Fourteen-year-old Jamaican girl on murder charge gives birth


A 14-year-old girl before the courts on a murder charge gave birth yesterday, raising concerns in her community about whether she was being properly monitored by the state.

The teen is charged with the murder of 21-year-old Chrissann Wilson, better known as ‘Angel’, in July of last year. Wilson was two months pregnant.

When The Gleaner visited her community in Southside, central Kingston, upset residents were in a heated discussion about the matter and called for the Child Development Agency (CDA) to get involved.

“This is slackness! Dem must coulda check her out an mek sure she under control!” one irate woman declared.

“This need a investigation. Mi waan know wah CDA doing ’bout it and how dem allow it fi happen. Imagine, she pregnant while she a guh court and you a tell me nobody neva know?” a neighbour of the teen added.

The teen reportedly returned to her community after she was released on bail. According to the residents, she was in a relationship with an adult male, who is said to be the father of her child.

Last year, the teen reportedly had an ongoing dispute with Wilson, who is also from the community. On the evening of Thursday, July 21, 2011, the two were on Tower Street in central Kingston when an argument developed. The teen, 13 at the time, reportedly stabbed Wilson in the neck.

Wilson later died at the Kingston Public Hospital while undergoing treatment. The teen fled the area, but was later arrested and charged along with her mother, who the police believe sought to cover up the murder.

The teen was charged with murder, while her mother, a 37-year-old hairdresser, was charged with conspiracy to murder and accessory after the fact.

The teen was released on bail in her father’s custody. However, in January, she was rearrested and brought before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court following a fight with another girl in which she bit off a piece of the girl’s ear.

Her bail was extended after her father told the court that he was willing to stand surety.

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