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Founding Chief Executive Officer of Zulnet Nurulzulkarnain Ahmad starts Indiegogo Campaign to raise a listed Philanthropic Algorithmic Currency Hedge Fund.

Hedge-FundsPhilanthropic Algorithmic Currency Hedge Fund Listed on Cayman Island Stock Exchange. 10% of all contributions towards this campaign will be donated to charities.

Portsmouth, UK — (SBWIRE) — 04/25/2014 — Zulnet is an algorithmic currency trading and hedge fund management company. It is looking to raise a listed Philanthropic Algorithmic Currency Hedge Fund on Cayman Island Stock Exchange’s in the final quarter of this year. The listed hedge fund will make an investment using Algorithmic trading system in electronic trading of currency spot or spot FX.

The listed Philanthropic Algorithmic Currency hedge fund is a socially conscious listed hedge fund that allows investors to make charitable contributions from their management fees and performance fees while maintaining control and ownership of their investment. Zulnet the hedge fund manager charges 1.50% in management fees, 20% performance fees and donates annually one-third of the management fee(or 0.50%) and performance fees(or 6.6%) to charities around the world.

Nurulzulkarnain Ahmad wants to create a unique way to charitable giving by offering investors a way to get their investment returns and give back to charities at the same time. It is efficient because investor does not have to make a choice between investing for the future and giving to charity. With the a listed Philanthropic Algorithmic Currency Hedge Fund, the more investment make by the investor and higher return on investment produced by investor investment portfolio, the more investor donate to the charity.

Use of proceeds

The proceeds of the fundraising to work towards the following milestones:

– the legal costs relating to setting up a new hedge fund and listing the hedge fund on Cayman Island Stock Exchange’s.

– Additional acceleration trading capital for a hedge fund.

– 10 % will be donated to Oxfam ( a development, relief, and campaigning organization that works to find lasting solutions to poverty and suffering around the world.

– Operational expenses.

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