February 8, 2023

Rasta need help/Dog & cats want homes and 1 cat missing / Dogs & puppy found and lost cat

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From CARE – Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiasts

Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 10:21 AM


Rasta is a super sweet guy who unfortunately got into a fight with a car which resulted in him loosing his back leg.   Rasta is an owned dog and has been neutered through CARE’s Community Spay and Neuter program sometime ago. He is up to date on his shots and is heartworm negative.   He lives in a yard with two other dogs and gets along well with everyone – people and dogs.

As he is a yard dog, we are currently looking for a temporary foster home – approximately 2 weeks while Rasta adjusts to life on 3 legs so he can go back to his family .  I guess you could say, he just needs a little time out to help him heal so he can return back to his gang.

Do you have space in your home and heart for this soul to come and crash for a while?  We estimate the foster period to be approximately 2 weeks.   Food, and all necessary supplies will be provided for the duration of foster care.

If you think you can help Rasta please E-mail Anne @ [email protected] or call Bill on 916 8319.    If you are unable to help foster then please consider forwarding this e-mail on in the hope that we can find someone who is able to help.


GPGfUQ-_zE_hHl9b9n2BwJVaCzsj5Ba7VXY7rz1ltAWOtDic4ZRtHPYiaLMnm_oBx3Mz2I6B1HfcLFXXUm5NwiZI3LNFt3az80Sw__pXMS2pLek=s0-d-e1-ftTuesday Jan 21 2014

Alli is seeking her forever home, can you help?

You might recognize Alli as the little puppy who was found two weeks ago. Sadly, nobody has come forward as the owner of this sweet girl and we would really now like to find her, her forever home.

Alli is approximately 14 weeks old, she is very smart, confident girl who is learning very quickly. She is a beautiful shepherd mix puppy who is very friendly and sociable and has such a wonderful personality. We know with a good exercise regime, some training commitment this “Little Girl” would make someone an awesome loyal companion. She is currently in foster care and is crate trained and almost house trained. She walks really well on the leash and is just a pleasure to be around.

_uS17yZs_5U1B0DIwrQtIAhWEslMu2iLIm7VvVLI3bKj8S1k9C8czuNz0eC7Qk9ekCEHNIX5mxy0lk54dcyEW6vk-ojaIHNAFnh8T7o_BmlvC98=s0-d-e1-ftShe is very healthy with the prettiest face and super tall ears and a wonderful coat with the nicest markings, she has been vaccinated and dewormed and has her 2nd and 3rd vaccinations and deworming as well as her spay surgery all scheduled.

If you would like to meet Alli and find out more about our adoption process please call 938 2273 or e-mail [email protected]


Monday Jan 20 2014

9OIauB6YWNNYSdp25WH44GIfuVo8eUX3rMWLdcY9YGVQ7cL_RfVXHi57YdkrVDiXmJ4BNYX29lcHjOgXphYT5KJnlGf4M5X5NwFiQRh9yl_Wxd8=s0-d-e1-ftHave you seen Wylie ?

Please help! Wylie is missing, he is a 3 year old Birman, looks like a long haired Siamese. He is microchipped not wearing a collat. He went missing from the South Sound area (Caribbean Courts) as of last night – Sunday 19th January. He has never been outside so may be frightened but very sweet.

Even a sighting is greatly appreciated. Please call if found, Corrie 936-0512.

Thank you so much.

Please be a voice for those without by passing this e-mail on and help spread the word for Wylie.

Friday Jan 17 2014

We are sending this appeal out on behalf of Feline Friends. Sadly these two cuties are in search once again of there forever homes!


A80jIV1uqHkK1RSfaqZrc5N7Tj1F4VGUZNnzMef7WH9T6EvIUVu-iDUo22QCrHvKCmEmzryhksV0Ivzcwr-RfX_ISCxnGmeThHgMn3MjMxmOHcs=s0-d-e1-ft Rita!

In October last year, three tame cats were rescued from certain death at Dept of Agriculture. Fortunately, good homes were found for all of them but sadly, this gorgeous calico tabby named Rita, is again in search of a home. Her new owner has developed an allergy to cats. She is affectionate, purrs often & loves to play. Rita would do best as an indoor cat in a quiet home. She is about one year old and has been spayed, dewormed & vaccinated. She also tested negative for feline viruses.

PLEASE consider giving Rita another chance in life by taking her into your heart and home.


This poor one year old male has had too many homes in his short life! He was not wanted in the neighborhood where he was born and was captured by Dept of Agriculture to be put down. He lived in a small trap for one week and cut his nose up badly while trying to escape (see first picture above). Feline Friends rescued him and he lived in a foster home for a few weeks until he was adopted into what he thought would be his forever home. Sadly, the children in his new home have developed allergies and he has to leave very soon to be fostered yet again until, his forever home can be found. He is the most adorable cat – playful, gentle, affectionate and excellent with children. Thor has adapted well to being an indoor cat. He has been neutered, dewormed & vaccinated and he is negative for feline viruses.

PLEASE consider giving Thor another chance in life by taking him into your heart and home.   You will be lovingly rewarded!

For more information or to arrange to meet either Rita or Thor, please contact Heather @ Feline Friends on:

Contact Heather on 525-0566
or e-mail: [email protected]

Please be a voice for those without by passing this e-mail on and help spread the word for these wonderful cats.

Mon, Jan 13, 2014 at 2:42 PM

Two found dogs and a lost cat – Can you help spread the word for these sweethearts.

knEYVINnnDJp8sT0iSo9Y-YBUrVjBp2zmUoDU0ZMFIG4B4bKviVm7x0lIw6cmw0wwneffIMr3ChL2DgvJNAb0CZwDCknD9Phx39PZPjQOUyb_6I=s0-d-e1-ft#1 Found Dog!

Do you recognize this dog? He was found today (Monday, Jan 13th) at around 1pm in the subdivision behind the walkers rd (GT) Rubis gas station. He was barking from the bushes and when Jenique went in she found him tangled around a tree. He is around 40 lbs, black coat and a white chest and brown paws. He was wearing a red collar and had a long iron chain attached to it. Attached is a photo (the purple leash is Jenique’s).

If you know where this boy has come from or have any information, please call Jenique on 925-1651.


#2 Found Puppy

5m1LvfrAnjOi7U5izhojO1_w9UP0QkoyLw6x-_rc8LGnu8fTEhqyRMdoKhTR1RPkV4jOALXvLDOHjY78B08_6adoytmPGbNkpv1F-uhwuW6y0PQ=s0-d-e1-ftThis little pup was found lost and alone on Friday afternoon by Grace Christian Academy in West Bay. She is very young and after checking with the neighbors nobody knows where she came from. Do you know who this little girl belongs to?CARE sponsored her vet visit yesterday so she could get a check up, her first shot and deworming and some drops for her eyes as she has a little eye infection going on.

If you have any information regarding this little on please call Jenna on 923 3679


Lost Cat 

Wps4Dj8-BIPhUOhuRxolseNO8_yZj2NpKM8bGUvDttDJbOPgf-AYrQyz4m-K98K32i4NQsHr5O7Honc2saUi3jM99vuDpWYxdiT-4F3wCqGHFiQ=s0-d-e1-ftHave you seen Buddy ?

Buddy disappeared from Regal Beach on SMB around 26th December. He is microchipped and approx. one year old. He was wearing a purple flea collar and a black ‘break away’ collar with identification tags at the time he went missing.

If you have any information about his whereabouts please contact KHY 525-0773 or Kris 525-5118

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