January 18, 2021


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By Ángel Manuel Navarrete layton 



Then Jesus said to his disciples:

If someone wants to be my disciple

He has to deny himself

Take the Cross from him and follow me.

Matthew 6.24


Once again Jesus addressed the people and said:

I am the light of the world

the one who follows me

no he will walk in darkness, but it will have the light of life.

Juan 8.12


Because GOD loved the world so much,

that he gave his Only Begotten Son

so that everyone who believes in Him

do not miss, but have eternal life.

Juan 3.16


Cry out to me and I will answer you

and I will let you know big and hidden things

that you don’t know

Jeremiah 33, 3 So


I tell you:

Believe that you have already received

Everything they are asking for in prayer

and you will get it.

James 11, 24


So, so that their sins may be blotted out,

repent and turn to GOD,

so that rest times come from the Lord.

Acts 3.16


Teaching them to obey

Everything I have sent to you,

and I assure you

that I will be with you always,

until the end of the world.


Matthew 28, 20


Psalm 38


He said:

repent because the kingdom of heaven is near

… Matthew 3, 2

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