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Florida becomes the 16th U.S. state to rollback child labor laws

By “Ellie Finkelstein, Freedom United”

October 15, 2023News Digest
Child slavery
Florida to roll back century-old child labor laws
Florida has become the 16th U.S. state to propose rollbacks of workplace protection laws for children. “We know that certain jobs have proven dangerous and even fatal more often for youth and teens. That’s why those restrictions were put in place decades ago.” Read more…
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Forced labor
Uyghur forced labor taints global seafood supply chain
While the global community has condemned the use of Uyghur forced labor, it has largely overlooked China’s seafood industry. Uyghurs who manage to escape the seafood-processing factories share tales of torture and that “we didn’t have a choice.” Read more…
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Supply chain 
Supply-chain auditing companies focused on protecting companies, not workers
International supply-chain auditing companies are found to lack transparency in their auditing processes. They are part of a faulty system that prioritizes protecting the image and bottom line of manufacturers over safeguarding workers’ rights. Read more…
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