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FIRST Zika case reported in Cayman Islands

zika12From Cayman Islands health Department

The Acting Medical Officer of Health Dr. Samuel Williams Rodriguez is advising of the latest development since the last release dated May 30 with data relating to the Zika virus.

“On 1 June 2016, the Public Health Department was notified that a visitor to the Cayman Islands who was tested on returning home, was reportedly diagnosed with the Zika virus infection. With immediate effect, my office contacted the individual and we are in ongoing communication to ascertain the exact details of the individual’s travel history, onset of symptoms and location of stay during the visit to the Islands including other pertinent information that will assist in this investigation to confirm the alleged exposure to the Zika virus in the Cayman Islands”.

“I use this opportunity to assure the public that a comprehensive report will be issued on completion. All relevant stakeholders are fully aware of this situation. We ask that you exercise patience as the investigation is completed.”

Dr. Samuel Williams Rodriguez is also urging the public to continue to take the necessary preventative measures against being bitten by the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

For further information, please contact the Public Health Department on 244-2621.




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