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Final group of Cayman Islands’ officers returns from BVI as the RCIPS ends its deployments to the sister territory


The latest deployment of RCIPS officers to the British Virgin Islands returned to Cayman yesterday, 18 January. The return of this group of seven officers, who remained in BVI over the holiday period, marks the end of the RCIPS’ deployments to the sister territory in the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Maria last September.  The objective of the deployments was to provide much needed security support and humanitarian assistance to the territory as it re-stabilized and began the recovery process.

“It was an honour to be able to help the people of our sister territory restore their sense of normalcy after these hurricanes,” said Acting Inspector Loxley Solomon, who was the commander for this deployment. “Although it meant being away from our families over the holidays, we knew this was an opportunity for us to demonstrate our values as police officers and citizens.  I also want to acknowledge our families who supported our decisions to volunteer for this mission.”

The RCIPS had originally been asked to provide reinforcements for three months in order to support the local police service in the wake of Hurricane Irma, which was shortly followed by Hurricane Maria. This three month period was split into three deployments of 16 officers, the third of which returned on 30 November. However, a request was made for further coverage into January, and so two additional deployments of seven officers were sent to provide firearms and tactical support.

“We are extremely proud that we were able to provide humanitarian hurricane relief and added security to the British Virgin Islands. This was due in no small part to the efforts of the many officers who volunteered their time and talents without hesitation, sometimes multiple times,” said Commissioner of Police Derek Byrne. “Over the last few months it has been our pleasure to reciprocate the type of assistance that the Cayman Islands received in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan, further strengthening the ties between us and our sister territories.”

In all, five contingents totaling 62 RCIPS officers were deployed to the BVI between 9 September and 18 January.


The last deployment of officers to the BVI on their return to Grand Cayman

Photos of each of the deployments can be found on the RCIPS Facebook page:


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