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Father tired of false Kerran claims

The father of missing Kerran Baker says he’s becoming emotionally drained because of the amount of calls he’s receiving claiming she has been found.

Wilmot Anthony revealed he almost threw his phone away because he was called that often.

Yesterday, Mr Anthony, his wife Sandra and daughter Toney-Ann, made a fresh appeal to the public to help find Kerran.

They say the pressures are taking a significant toll on their health, and that they desperately need to get answers.

According to Kerran’s father, Mr. Wilmot Anthony, the family did not intend to stay here for as long as two weeks, but are determined to stay until they get some answers.

“It is getting very much harder to deal with. We are getting drained out. We did not intend to stay for two weeks. We are praying to get closure on this, it is draining us out.”

According to Mr. Anthony, a combination of anxiety and nervousness, currently being experienced by his family, is further compounded by people calling with rumours that his daughter has
been found.

He said: “I almost flung my phone away on Wednesday because everybody tends to be calling claiming that my daughter has been found.

“Sometimes just when you relax the calls come again. And then everybody starts to call from Jamaica and from here on, it just hurts your brain.”

During a police press conference, the determined family members say they have no intention of leaving without getting answers about Kerran.

In renewing her appeal for public cooperation, Kerran’s mother, Mrs. Sandra Anthony, and her sister, Toney-Ann Anthony, says she was a very big user of Facebook and BBM messaging, and there are many contacts from both social networks which have disappointingly still not come forward.

Toney-Ann said: “I am pleading to anyone with information to please come forward, because I know Kerran is a heavy BBM and Facebook user.

Kerran’s parents and sister make fresh appeal

Kerran’s mother said, “I am here again appealing to the people of the Cayman Islands, if you have seen or heard anything about my daughter, I am pleading, I am begging you, please come forward. Oh God, we need some closure on this, we need something especially from her friends that have been messaging her, please come forward.”

RCIPS police Detective Superintendent, Mr. Marlon Bodden, says the efforts will continue until closure is achieved, and assured the police will exhaust all available legal means.


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