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Face-crooks! Gang uses site to talk about violence

A sickening Facebook site glorifying the actions of gangs in West Bay is being watched by murder squad detectives.

“Logwoodz [sic] Dons” is an active page on the social networking site.

It has messages on the wall of the page, where members can write their thoughts, directed at the recent spate of murders to hit the area.

Logwoods is one part of West Bay which has been blighted by crime in the past week.

The dispute is over rivalry with the Birch Tree Hill area nearby.

Recently posted on the page is a photograph of a number of young men including Robert Bush – who was the first victim, murdered seven days ago.

A message added to the page just a few days after Bush was murdered reads: “21 Gun Salute for a real General Robert Bush aka Noble aka Robbie.”

A 21 gun salute is often used at funerals to mark the deaths of soldiers or heroes killed in battle.

The current profile picture on the page has a message that reads: “Say Nutin [sic]” – which could be a message meaning say nothing, in reference to helping the authorities solve the crime spree.

Another image shows a handgun while members post pictures of themselves on the site making gangland hand gestures.

The weapon is s .22 calibre Derringer made by Sundance Industries.

The use of social networking sites to document gangland culture is not a new phenomenon.

In England after rioters went on the rampage destroying parts of major cities, many of them posted photographs of themselves carrying stolen goods on Facebook and Twitter pages.

This eventually led to a number of arrests as many of the looters kept their faces on the pictures.


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