April 18, 2021

Expert tips to win a Child Custody Case

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As a parent, all you ever want to do is protect your child and keep them safe and sound. When two parents get a divorce or go their separate ways, one of the main things they will need to consider is the welfare and custody of their kids. Some custody arrangements go smoothly between parents who both agree on certain terms without the need to involve lawyers or go to court, whereas others may not come to an agreement as easily. If you are trying to get custody of your kids, here are some expert tips to help you win your case and become the legal guardian of your children. 

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Be Honest and Realistic›

The key to winning any legal battle, especially one where children are involved, is being honest and realistic. You will need to be honest with yourself about your capabilities as a parent and realistic about the situation you and your family are in and try to convey your point of view to the court in the most transparent way possible. When the court sees how sincere and how passionate you are about being there for your children, as well as how logical you are, they will be more likely to grant you custody over the kids and allow you to raise them however way you see fit.

Hire an Experienced Attorney

Many child custody cases are tried in Denver on a regular basis. These custody cases can get very complicated at times, and the average parent may not be able to understand everything that is being said and done in the proceedings, even if they read a lot about family law. As mentioned by the Denver child support attorneys at Litvak Litvak Mehrtens & Carlton, P.C, in order to increase your chances of getting custody of your kids, you will need to appoint an experienced attorney to act on your behalf. Specialized attorneys will know all there is to know about family law and how to convince the court of your legitimacy as a guardian, thereby boosting your chances of winning the case with no hassle. 

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Find a Mediator

Legal battles over children can be really emotional and frustrating. Both parents often want to fight tooth and nail until they can get full custody of their little ones that they go to extreme measures that may not be in the best interest of their children. To end this battle with a win for both sides where all the kids can get the best outcome possible, it can be a good idea to find a mediator to negotiate a custody deal between both parents without things getting too ugly. The mediator can be a lawyer or a trusted person who is on good terms with both parents and is only looking for the welfare of the kids. This way, you can go to court with a ready-made deal just to set it in stone and ensure both parents abide by that deal.

Prove Your Parental Capabilities

In the battle to win your children’s custody case, you will need to present yourself as a capable parent who will be able to provide their children with everything they might need as long as they are in your care. The court will not always believe spoken words, so you will need to find some documentation to support what your capabilities are like as a parent and why you should be granted custody. Make sure any documentation you submit in the legal battle over custody to your kids is legitimate and can help you make your case rather than work against you.

Follow the Court’s Orders

During any custody case, the court is likely to give parents some orders to follow even while the proceedings are ongoing just to ensure the children are safe and cared for until someone is granted custody. If you are really keen as a parent on getting custody of your kids and going through your case smoothly, you will need to make sure you follow any orders that are given by the court. Do not dismiss any of the orders or think that they do not really matter as failing to follow the rules can cause you to lose your case and your kids pretty quickly. 

Keeping your kids safe and sound should be your biggest concern when you are separating from your spouse. If you get to the point where you need to take your case to court, make sure you have a lawyer by your side to help you win your case quickly. Remember to follow any court orders and gather enough evidence to prove your capabilities as a parent.

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