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Exhibition Invitation: “Building Resilience on the Frontlines of Climate Change”


Thursday, October 4, 2018 — A ground-breaking exhibition to raise public awareness of the impacts of climate change on Small Island Developing States is being held at the Saint Lucia Harbour Club from the 8th – 12th October.

Under the theme: “Building Resilience on the Frontlines of Climate Change” the interactive exhibition is being organized by the OECS Commission, in collaboration with the European Union and the Department of Sustainable Development.

The displays – in the form of a gallery, will use an assortment of colorful eye-catching exhibits showcasing the role of biodiversity and other factors in climate mitigation and the small steps we can each take to make a positive difference.

The exhibition will coincide with The Harbour Club hosting of two major regional conferences in support of implementation of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) of the Paris Climate Agreement.

It will feature some of the efforts being made by various public and private sector actors involved in building climate resilience.

OECS Environmental Program Officer, Josette Edward-Charlemagne said the exhibition was developed for everyone and encouraged all members of the public to attend with student visits confirmed from Gros Islet, Babonneau and Castries.

“Subjects including water, climate, land, human mobility, forests and fisheries will be used to show the way in which climate change and environmental degradation impacts security and sustainability, as well as how cooperation, advocacy and deliberate interventions can support sustainable development, livelihoods and wellbeing” said Ms. Edward-Charlemagne.

“The exhibition is varied as the topics being explored and the diversity of displays – a mango recipe book display, an electric vehicle to environmental videos and much more are testament to the will the people of the OECS have in ensuring as a region we are resilient.

“We look forward to welcoming members of the public to the exhibition to learn, share and experience how we can all respond to climate change in small ways to make our nations, our one beloved region resilient in the face of global climate change” said Ms. Edward-Charlemagne.


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