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Every single celebrity chef cooked at the Cayman Cookout Gala

BeYNHbxIgAI1Icz.jpg-largeBy Tina Nguyen From The Braiser

The Art Of Celebrity

What happens when you put Anthony Bourdain, Eric Ripert, Jose Andrés, Lidia Bastianich, Rick Bayless, Daniel Boulud, Daniel Humm, Martin Picard, and Jacques Torres in one kitchen in the Cayman Islands? First, you’re gonna run out of breath from saying all those names.

Second, thanks to the Cayman Cookout’s annual gala dinner, likely featuring more chefs than diners, all your insider chef goofballery dreams came true. And they tweeted it all.


explain your dish @chefjoseandres #CaymanEats gala @Rick_Bayless @CabanePDC @ericripert #danielHumm @jacquestorres

Much better Here is @chefjoseandres game plan 4 tonight’s grand tasting @ericripert #caymaneats @Bourdain

D B         ✔ @DanielBoulud

@Rick_Bayless knows his #Mezcal @ericripert @Bourdain  @CabanePDC happy to cook together @CaymanCookout #CaymanEats

And….@CabanePDC  hash tag Martin ******* Picard slaughters us all with this deliciousness

Images credit: @ericripert [unless noted otherwise]

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