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Every home needs attention and a little time!

Though most people think home improvement requires a lot of time and effort, some quick and easy practices can boost your home’s value. It may sound unbelievable or crazy, but you can give a shot at something as simple as regularly cleaning your gutters. Of course, this doesn’t sound too cool. You may not brag about it too. But the impact it will have on your house’s foundation will be massive. It will not have to deal with water damage. Your dream home’s structural integrity will not be under attack. Or, if you have hardwood floors, regular sweeping and mopping them will help extend their lifespan.

You can feel all these are more about increasing the functionality of your home and not the aesthetics. While it is a valid point, you must recognize that only a well-maintained house looks beautiful, even with minimal decorations. If the walls are wet or the paint is peeling, it doesn’t matter how many aesthetic touches you add to the different corners. The opinions will change as soon as those unsightly spots appear. So, if you are a hands-on person, set some routine for minor changes. You can start by figuring out how many hours you will be able to dedicate to a task. For example, if you like a classic farm sink and decide to replace your older model, it might demand about 2-3 hours of your time to fix everything, provided the earlier design was the same as this one.

Since you don’t have to do these types of jobs frequently, you can reserve a suitable day for them. But many other tasks require one hour or less to add value to your home in every sense. For some ideas, let’s explore a mix of them (functional and aesthetic).

Raised flowerbeds

An 8-foot-square garden bed should not take more than one-hour time from your schedule. This task can be enjoyable as you create additional planting space in your backyard. For this, you need to find a level spot. If there is a slope issue, consider building the flowerbed against a fence or wall for support. The material for the raised flowerbeds can be stone, concrete blocks, and wood/ lumber. Some experts recommend the last option. You have to decide the depth of the bed, which can be 8-12 inches. Adding a layer of weed matting under the bed can be a good idea to keep the weeds away. You can fill the area with garden soil, organic compost, etc. The items required for building the entire structure include construction & landscape adhesives, screws, a drill, and a saw.

Make sure you water the bed and add plants carefully. Plants should be suitable for the kind of sunlight the flowerbed gets. Your one-hour effort can grow into a beautiful sight in a few days or weeks, depending on what you planted, adding vibrant energy and freshness all around.


The weatherstripping around doors and windows can become worn out and cracked down the road, causing air leaks and drafts. Your energy bills can get affected due to this. Hence, inspecting the weatherstripping once a year and replacing it (if necessary) can help. Look for gaps and cracks so that you can seal them. Some homeowners caulk these from outside. You get permanent and temporary seals for this purpose. The permanent options come with adhesive and are recommendable for windows and doors that you keep open every season. However, temporary sealant will do if you prefer to keep them closed until spring. 


If you love to decorate your flooring with rugs, you know how difficult it can be to maintain them. Traditional shampooing and cleaning methods can be time-consuming. You cannot expect them to remove the dirt and stains. However, modern tools like a home shampooer for rug cleaning make the process easier and faster. These work smoothly on debris, marks, and dirt. Because they are gentle, your rugs will be clean without damage. You don’t have to buy it, though. Use a rental service to infuse life in them. These machines can clean a rug in around 20 minutes or less. So, if you have three of them, you know it will be an hour job. Nevertheless, the carpets will become fresh once again and brighten up the space they adorn with revived energy and feel.

Squeaky floors and doors

It can be familiar with older homes where floors and doors produce squeak whenever you touch them. It can feel not very pleasant at times. If you don’t want to put up with this, there is a quick and easy solution. Doors can create noise because of the jammed hinges. You get oil to treat this issue. For flooring, you don’t need anything else but talcum powder. Fill the gaps in the floor with this and restore your mental peace. 

You can also inspect your floor material for scratches, especially hardwood flooring. You get wood markers that help conceal the damage. For cracks or gouges, you may need a particular type of putty.  

Water heater

Study the manufacturer’s manual before doing anything for some guidance. It is essential for your and your heater’s safety as well. The accumulation of the sediments in the water heater can be a sign of trouble, including decreased efficiency and a higher risk of corrosion. You can prevent this by regularly cleaning out the sediment at three months intervals. Drain stored water in the heater and use a garden hose to attack the residues. If you don’t do this, the heater will use more energy to heat the water, which can affect the metal parts and cause leakage. 

Of course, not all home improvement projects are simple. But even relatively small and straightforward projects can be worth trying. Painting the front door or changing the lighting fixtures in your home can make it more inviting. So, if you desire to add some value to your cozy nest without needing any big budget, don’t overlook the power of accessible home improvement practices. Your one hour of attention any day can make a difference. Hence, please use the opportunity.


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