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Enjoy a gala fundraiser dinner dance and build a hospital

5b62d01506bd8a53b6c4928e25fa9b8a_Mby Bill Tingling

What if we had a safe and secure environmentally sustainable wellness facility that could accommodate the well, and the sick alike? What if you had the opportunity to enjoy the finest medical care, the most beautiful Negril beach, healthy organic food, and most of all, the magnificent relaxed “One Love” Jamaican Hospitality?

What if you had an environmentally sound facility, to be the primary Caribbean institute for medical research, innovative surgical procedures, fulfilling the abyss of nurturing the whole body, mind, soul and spirit?

NEGRIL INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL: Wellness Hospital of the Future

Well, thanks to you, the Negril International Hospital Wellness Center is forth coming! Its designed clinical space will become a recognized leader in its target market; providing strategic turnkey plans with professional, compassionate, and comprehensive medical treatments. With the completion, of this state-of-the-art wellness center, the sick will be restored to good health; thousands of jobs will be created, allocating millions into the local community and the economy.

The Negril International Hospital Committee and its board members comprised of: distinguished Jamaican scientists; Jamaican Citizens; medical doctors from the United States, Canada, Europe; hotel owners; prominent leaders; businessmen and women are building a state-of-the-art hospital wellness center. All will have the opportunity to benefit from the finest medical care, the beautiful Negril beach, healthy natural food, and most of all, the magnificent relaxed “One Love” Jamaican hospitality.

The hospital and its clinical space are being designed to become a recognized leader in its target market in providing professional, compassionate, and comprehensive medical.

The most significant achievement will be the construction of a Free Clinic for Negril residents, which will add to their good Health & Wellbeing.

Should you require any further information please feel free to contact  Winston – JA (876) 957-3683 or Bill – US (718) 753-9920. Or visit



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