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Enhancing implementation for conservation and environmental management in Montserrat

Brades, June 21, 2017 – The Department of Environment (DOE) has invited stakeholders in Montserrat to participate in a national dialogue to enhance implementation of the Conservation and Environmental Management Act (CEMA).

The stakeholders will work together over the next year to develop regulations and specific priorities and activities for an action plan and implementation budget to support conservation and environmental management in Montserrat.

The Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI) is providing technical assistance to support the DOE in the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Housing, Lands and Environment (MATHLE) to facilitate dialogue among government agencies and civil society. The proposed regulations will address six key issues, including environmental approvals and permits, forests and forest fires, protected areas, noise and other forms of pollution. The action plan will identify concrete priorities for implementation.

The Environment Technician – Education and Outreach at DOE, Stephen Mendes, highlighted that: “There are many overlapping roles and responsibilities related to environmental planning protection and management that need to be streamlined so that all the relevant stakeholders are singing in unison from the same hymn sheet. The regulations will serve as a guide to complement the existing legislation (CEMA) for the effective sustainable management of the environment”.

Through stakeholder engagement in this national dialogue there will be greater buy-in, support and uptake of the regulations and action plan produced.

IMAGE:[Photo credit: Centre Hills Project]


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