July 3, 2020

England football in the upcoming season


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Fans from all over the world love football for its tense and uncompromising games. Last season, the battle between and Liverpool for the gold in the was a real gift.

Fans from all over the world love England football for its tense and uncompromising games. Last season, the battle between Manchester City and Liverpool for the gold in the Premier League was a real gift. Both teams fought for the championship until the last round, and in the end, Pep Guardiola’s team was ahead of its rival by only 1 point. 

Everyone is interested in the fight of Manchester City and Liverpool for gold medals, but the situation of the ultimate rival of both clubs, Manchester United, is especially sad. Frankly, the Red Devils failed last season. The period of December-March was the only auspicious for them when the team won several times in a row in the Premier League and knocked out PSG from the Champions League.

The ending of the season was just dismal. Instead of fighting for the top 4 and actually using the failures of its direct competitors, Manchester United itself failed to beat Cardiff and Huddersfield. The result – 6th place in the standings and unstableness of the future of Solskjær as the team’s coach. On the one hand, he had a good start and was well-loved by fans, but on the other hand, the results of April-May were a complete failure. In the current realities of England football, the Red Devils will not be able to compete with Liverpool and Manchester City for the title, so the maximum they can get is to enter the top 4.

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In the first half of the summer, Manchester United wasn’t particularly involved in the transfer market events. Herrera left the team, and we would like to note James and Wan-Bissaka among acquisitions.

On 777score you can always view individual player statistics. Wan-Bissaka is an important acquisition for a defensive line because he looks like one of the best players of his generation. However, the future prospects of Manchester United still look extremely dim. The team has a very good reputation, but at the same time it has a lot of frankly unnecessary players who get a minimum of match practice, such as:

  • Darmian;
  • Rojo;
  • Grant.

We can continue this list for a long time. Traditionally you can track detailed performance statistics on 777score.

In the upcoming season, Solskjær will face a very difficult task – the team needs to enter the Champions League zone. But whether the current squad will cope with such a challenge, where the players play only by segments and if the team has something not according to plan, it is not able to change the course of the meeting. We will see answers to these questions only on the field.

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