October 6, 2022

End the commercial sexual exploitation of children in Kenya.

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CSEC-campaign-image-2-finalFrom Walk Free

Sandy beaches, turquoise waters… the picture of paradise. The Kenyan coast offers some of the most beautiful locations for people to relax and enjoy their free time. Sadly, the reality for almost one in three young girls, is one where tourists visit the coast and single them out for commercial sexual exploitation.

It is estimated that before the age of 12 almost 30% of girls are already exploited for transactional sex along the coast1, fuelled by the tourists who visit Kenya for that very reason.

We have a petition that outlines the ways in which the Kenyan government can help ensure these predators keep their hands off Kenyan children.

This week, our partners – Child Aid Organization Kenya – will be meeting with the Cabinet Secretary for Tourism, Hon N.S Najib Balala, to discuss how the government can put this into action, and put a stop to this harsh reality. We will be showing him just how many people support this plan.

Right now, you have the chance to let him know that you want to be a part of the effort to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children in Kenya. As we prepare to meet with the Hon N.S Najib Balala, take this opportunity to add your voice.

“Do you know what happens to these girls?..The girls – and boys – are destroyed… traumatized for life.2″ — Grace Odembo, survivor

unnamedSIGN THE PETITION AT: https://www.walkfree.org/help-end-sexual-exploitation-of-children-in-kenya/?utm_source=Subscribers&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=help-end-sexual-exploitation-of-children-in-kenya&utm_content=Kenya-Child-Commercial-Sex_PCAN-CAK_Petition_Chaser_EN_Prospect_NAT_Ex_14Mar16

The last place you should expect to find a child is in a brothel; yet for 17-year-old Phoebe from Kenya, this is her life.1

Phoebe comes from a poor family. When she dropped out of school, she went in search of a better life – instead she has been forced to have group sex with tourists for no money.2

Reports indicate that more than 50,000 children are involved in different forms of commercial sexual exploitation.3 It is most common along the Kenyan Coast where the majority of tourism activities take place — in fact sex offenders travel to Kenya for this very reason: to prey on these vulnerable victims.4

No child should be forced into the commercial sex industry for their survival. We must ensure that these predators keep their hands off Kenya’s children.

Join Walk Free and Child Aid Organization Kenya in calling on the Kenyan government to declare zero tolerance of commercial sexual exploitation of children, backed by regular monitoring and law enforcement.


Name changed to protect her identity




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