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Early Cayman Islands’ liquor licensing renewals encouraged

In order to avoid processing delays, liquor licence holders – including those with music and dancing licenses – are encouraged to apply for licence renewals early, in advance of the renewal deadline on Friday, 19 August 2016.

Licensees are reminded that prior to this deadline, their premises must be inspected by relevant Government agencies. Depending on licensees’ particular operations, these inspections may include the Fire Service, Environmental Health, Planning Department, and Port Authority.

Reports from these agencies should be submitted to the Liquor Licensing Board along with renewal applications.

However, if the reports are unavailable by the deadline, licensees must still submit their renewal applications to the board by 19 August, along with proof that inspection requests were made, said Department of Commerce and Investment (DCI) Senior Trade Officer Gavin Dixon.

‘The board considers an inspection to be valid for 12 months’, said Mr Dixon, who also is the Board’s Acting Secretary.

‘For example, if you have an inspection and are successfully issued with a pass or certificate on 25 May 2016, it will be considered valid until 25 May 2017. But, it should be noted that if there have been any changes in the location or structure of the premises since the inspection date, the validation of the initial inspection will be considered void and the applicant will need to request a new inspection’.

Completed renewal applications, and either inspection certificates or proof of inspection requests, that are submitted by 19 August will be heard at the board’s annual session on 30 September, Mr Dixon said.

The Liquor Licensing Board has mailed renewal applications to each license holder. Copies are also available from the Business Licensing Counter on the first floor of the Government Administration Building, and on DCI’s website,<>.

For more information, contact the Liquor Licensing Board through Mr Dixon on 244-3167 or DCI’s Renee Rankin on 244-6680.




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