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Dutch Navy intercepts 400 kilos of cocaine on Caribbean

By Janene Pieters From NL Times

The Dutch navy intercepted over 400 kilograms of cocaine on the Caribbean. The drugs were in packages thrown overboard by a boat sailing under the Venezuelan flag, ANP reports.

The crew of naval vessel Zr. MS. Friesland noticed that the boat’s sailing behavior was odd and decided to investigate. When the navy tried to contact the crew, the boat sailed away at high speed.

The navy deployed a fast interceptor to give chase. They noticed the crew members of the boat throwing packages overboard. The packages were fished out of the water and proved to contain 406 kilograms of cocaine.

The drugs were handed over to the Public Prosecutor on Sint Maarten and later destroyed.

IMAGE: The Zr. MS. Friesland (Photo: @HSuurveld/Twitter). The Zr. MS. Friesland (Photo: @HSuurveld/Twitter)

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