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Dreams really can come true

Cariel the Cayman Mermaid showed lots of children (as well as their moms and dads) that dreams really can come true, when she came ashore opposite the Marriott Beach resort.

Cariel, (who is also known on land as Kimberly Parker) loves to tell kids “tails” about her adventures, and about all the underwater photos she takes as the only mermaid in the world who is also a professional underwater photographer.

“One day while I was swimming along one of the beautiful coral reefs here in the Cayman Islands, I noticed a scuba diver taking pictures of one of my favourite angel fish. I swam towards him to get a better look. I only wanted to smile and say ‘hello’ but I startled the diver. He dropped his camera and swam away.

“I picked up the camera but before I could reach him he was gone.  So I just kept the camera and decided to take lots of photographs of my aquatic friends and my magical home under the sea.”

As well as being a mermaid, and underwater photographer, Ms Parker is actually a Dive Master and Life Success Consultant.

What better person to help you realise your dreams than someone who is living theirs. As Ms. Parker says:   “The sea, my passion, what I daydream about on a busy day in life. It is a privilege to dive and explore this breathtaking silent world.

“I am so grateful that I was given the gift of Scuba Diving lessons many years ago because now it has become woven into my soul and fulfills my purpose as to why I am here on this planet. I came here to dive in Grand Cayman in 1997, fell in love with the island, stayed, dived and have been exploring the local underwater realms ever since.”


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