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Dramatic daylight heist takes place right outside Albanian capital


Five gunmen took off with large sacks of cash after sticking up armored vans close to Albania’s main international airport while drivers nearby filmed the heist on their mobile phones on Thursday, according to Reuters.

Police said the gunmen used two vehicles to run into the armored vans before shooting out their tires and windows then using chainsaws to break inside to retrieve the cash.

“Wow, lots of sacks,” one driver shouted as he filmed the operation, while the robbers transferred ten large bags into their getaway vehicle.

Police said they arrested five security guards in connection to the crime since the interior cameras were not working on the armored vehicles and one of the GPS tracking devices that should have been with the cash was under the driver’s seat.

It wasn’t said if the five were suspected of complicity with the crime nor did the police say the origin of the cash or who it belonged to yet.

All the gunmen were still at large after the burnt remains of their getaway vehicles were discovered in a village close to the capital Tirana., Maureen Foody

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