April 14, 2021

Dr. Stuart Weiss: COVID-19 Update Tuesday 16-Mar-2021

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By Dr. Stuart Weiss, Intelligent Crowd Solutions – Rapid Test Center of NY

Rapid Test Center of New York
Dr. Stuart Weiss, FACEP, FAAP, CBCP
March 16, 2021

CoViD-19 News and Information you can trust. 
Welcome new readers from the Rapid Test Center.

Topics: Here’s a twisted question, does the AstraZenica/Oxford vaccine actually prevent blood clots?
The Mess Surrounding the AstraZenica Vaccine

By now, you most probably read or heard about the whole host of European countries suspending the use of the Astrazenica/Oxford vaccine. The African Centers for Disease Control also looked into suspending the vaccine. Some countries like Australia have no plans to stop using it. The concern is about blood clots in people after they have received the vaccine. But there is a problem with this issue. Yes, out of the 17 million people who have received the vaccine, AstraZenica received reports of 15 leg blood clots and 22 lung blood clots. That sounds like a bunch of clots but this amount of blood clots is actually FAR LESS than we would expect to occur naturally in this size population. In the Emergency Department, I used to see blood clots, especially leg blood clots every day. It is a common issue but only seeing 37 cases out of 17 million people is remarkably low. So the media headlines could have easily been written differently. Instead of writing that the vaccine causes blood clots, an equally valid headline would have been that the vaccine actually prevents blood clots in the population! I’m not trying to minimize that blood clots are bad but these may not be anything out of the ordinary. The reported side effects are what we should expect in the gen3ral population.

The problem here is that in many countries, the AstraZenica vaccine is the only vaccine they are using so now that they are suspending its use, people are not getting vaccinated at all. The risk of dying from CoViD-19 seems to be much higher than the almost non-existent risk of the vaccine causing blood clots. And now that many parts of Europe are seeing a new waves of cases and several countries are going into lockdown again, it seems a bad idea to suspend vaccination programs. I sincerely hope that the investigations happen quickly and they can get back to vaccinating the population.

The last problem is with public confidence. Both the World Health Organization and the European Medicines Agency continue to endorse the safe use of the vaccine while countries suspend its use. How are people going to trust that it is a safe vaccine? I am concerned that there will be a spike in vaccine hesitancy in many parts of the world that are depending on the AstraZenica vaccine. If that turns out to be true, that would pose a problem for all of us. Remember, a resistant variant that develops anywhere will be everywhere within a few weeks.

When you are eligible, get your self vaccinated so we can get through this together. .

Dr. Stu Weiss
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Coronavirus update for March 16, 2021

World Wide Updates
Apple updates its maps to display Covid-19 vaccination sites – just ask Siri
France and Italy “stand ready” to resume AstraZeneca vaccinations pending positive agency review
EU health commissioner urges countries to use all vaccine doses after some suspend use of AstraZeneca shot
Iraq records highest number of new Covid-19 cases in a day
South African regulator grants provisional approval for Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine 
Italy has entered another lockdown after a surge in coronavirus cases, caused by the emergence of several new variants
Venezuela will not approve use of AstraZeneca vaccine
Slovenia temporarily suspends AstraZeneca vaccine
WHO meets to discuss AstraZeneca vaccine as more EU countries halt rollout
Sweden and Luxembourg pause use of AstraZeneca vaccine
Australia says there is “currently no evidence” that AstraZeneca vaccine causes blood clots
Portugal joins other European countries in suspending AstraZeneca vaccinations
Brazil appoints fourth health minister since the pandemic began
Thai Prime Minister receives AstraZeneca vaccine on live stream after initial rollout delay 
Germany, France and Italy pause AstraZeneca vaccine rollout
France is seeing signs of a “third wave” in pandemic, prime minister says
European Medicines Agency verdict on AstraZeneca vaccine expected Thursday
Italy prepares for an Easter lockdown as Covid-19 cases grow exponentially
New Philippines Covid variant found in England
Iceland extends vaccine proof entry scheme
Total Cases Worldwide: 121,091,888Total Deaths Worldwide: 2,677,686Total Recovered: 97,657,156

US Updates

Arkansas opens Covid-19 vaccine eligibility to all groups in next phase
White House says it would welcome GOP support on reducing vaccine hesitancy
More than a quarter of Vermont’s population has been vaccinated
All US states have fully vaccinated at least 10% of their adult population, CDC data shows
New York City on track to surpass 3 million Covid-19 vaccinations today, mayor says
Ohio will open vaccines to those 40 and older starting Friday, governor says
Miami Beach is seeing crowds “that want to just let loose in ways that are unacceptable,” mayor says
Savannah mayor says the city is “wide open” for St. Patrick’s Day, encourages masking and social distancing
Asymptomatic or undiagnosed Covid-19 infections in US may have been twice the official count, study suggests
Biden travels to Pennsylvania today to promote his Covid relief plan
More people flew in the last 5 days than in the 5 days after Christmas, TSA data shows
White House races to blunt potential Covid-19 surge
Keep masks on, NIH director pleads as Texas enter 1st weekend without statewide Covid-19 restrictions
Delaware will open vaccines to anyone with moderate-risk health conditions and people 50 and older
NYC summer school set to expand after COVID’s ‘lost year’
9 California counties issue joint statement to dispel belief J&J’s COVID vaccine inferior to 2-shot options
Four-year-old boy with autism kicked off Spirit Airlines flight for not wearing mask
Philadelphia opens coronavirus vaccine appointments to all adults starting May 1
Moderna begins testing COVID vaccine on young children and babies
California governor Newsom defends Covid-19 response amid recall effort
Total US cases: 30,178,419
Total US deaths: 548,846
Total Recovered: 22,343,214
Total Tested in US: 374,442,857
Total cases in CA: 3,626,562
Total deaths in CA: 55,978
Total cases in TX: 2,735,152
Total deaths in TX: 46,749
Total cases in FL: 1,984,425
Total deaths in FL: 32,472
Total cases in NY: 1,793,547
Total deaths in NY: 49,366
Total cases in IL: 1,212,110
Total deaths in IL: 23,235
Total cases in GA: 1,036,506
Total death in GA: 18,287
Total Vaccines Administered in US: 110,737,856
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