August 1, 2021

Dr. Stuart Weiss: COVID-19 Update Monday 11-Jan-2021

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By Dr. Stuart Weiss, Intelligent Crowd Solutions

Rapid Test Center of New York
Dr. Stuart Weiss, FACEP, FAAP, CBCP

January 11, 2021

CoViD-19 News and Information you can trust.Welcome new readers from the Rapid Test Center.

Topics: Post New Year’s numbers, Take care of yourself

Post New Year’s Eve numbers
This week, we are really seeing the effects of the holiday gatherings and the B117 variant. All areas of the US are showing an uptick in the case numbers with several states now showing the highest number of new daily cases since the pandemic bagan. Over the past week, there has been an average of 254,866 new cases per day across the US. This represents a 38% increase over the rolling 7 day average of two weeks ago. If you think back to September, just 3 1/2 months ago, we were shocked when we hit 35,000 new cases per day. We are now averaging more than 3000 deaths per day in the US. The worst place now for new cases is Yuma Arizona which is adding new cases faster than any other metropolitan area. Hospitals are overwhelmed in some parts of our country.

On the vaccine front, according to the New york Times, about 9 million Americans have received at least one dose of vaccine so far.

Take Care of Yourself
In the midst of this pandemic, two more reports have come out showing that we are not taking care of ourselves. It would be incredibly sad to survive CoViD-19 only to die of a heart attack but that is what we are doing. An article in the American Journal of Cardiology showed large increases in deaths due to heart disease and high blood pressure. These increases in cardiovascular deaths cannot be explained by CoViD-19 and coupled with the sharp decrease in hospitalizations for heart attacks, heart failure and stroke means that people are staying home and not seeking care. Other studies have also pointed to reduced care for previously chronic health conditions. This is not a new finding and the study is another example of this trend. People are afraid of catching CoViD so they are staying away from hospitals.

The bottom line is that you need to weigh the risks. Not taking care of yourself if you have a serious medical condition is a much higher risk than going to a good hospital where they take precautions to separate you from CoViD-19 patients. In spite of the fact that many hospitals are filled with CoViD-19 patients, that is still the best place to go if you are having a heart attack or chest pain or difficulty breathing.

Take care of yourself so we can get through this together.

Dr. Stu Weiss
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Coronavirus update for January 11, 2021

World Wide Updates
WHO team investigating origins of the pandemic will arrive in China Thursday, Chinese officials say

Spain sees a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases over the weekend

BioNTech CEO cannot yet get the vaccine he helped develop

UK health secretary says it’s unclear if being vaccinated reduces the risk of transmitting Covid-19

No obligation to supply Covid vaccines to West Bank and Gaza, says Israel’s health minister

Pfizer/BioNTech aims to deliver 2 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccine globally by end of 2021

Germany imposes tougher restrictions as deaths mount

So many people went ice-skating on a frozen Munich canal that police had to shut it down

WHO welcomes China’s decision to allow entry to team investigating virusorigins

The UK is now at the “worst point” of pandemic, expert warns, as vaccination plans are scaled up

Moderna shots to arrive in Germany today

No new lockdown planned at this stage in France, says government spokesman

As the world begins its vaccination push, delayed rollouts draw criticism and concern

North Korean data reveals no Covid-19 cases, WHO says

Mexico detects first case of UK Covid-19 variant 

China’s Hebei province finishes mass testing of 17 million people

Japan says travelers from Brazil carried mutations similar to Covid-19 variants seen in UK and South Africa 

Germany surpasses 40,000 coronavirusdeaths

India announces national Covid-19 vaccination drive from Jan. 16

The UK has vaccinated almost 2.3 million people

Mexico’s presidential spokesperson tests positive for Covid-19

Dubai removed from UK’s travel corridor list

Lebanon tightens Covid-19 restrictions as infection skyrocket

‘Reckless’ Christmas rule relaxation blamed for Ireland’s dire Covid-19 surge

New lockdown unavoidable, Portuguese Prime Minister says

Tunisia records more than 3,000 newcoronavirus cases

Princess Sofia of Sweden’s pregnancy is ‘going well’ after Covid-19

Total Cases Worldwide: 91,198,227
Total Deaths Worldwide: 1,950,751
Total Recovered: 65,077,676

US Updates
Lawmakers and staff warned of possibleCOVID-19 exposure after the Capitol Riot

Indiana confirms case of Covid-19 variant first identified in the UK

University of California planning a return to in-person learning in the fall

At least two gorillas at San Diego Zoo test positive for Covid-19

West Virginia governor announces return to school for 8th grade and below

Biden receives second dose of Pfizer vaccine

Covid-19 cases continue to rise in New Jersey, likely due to holiday gatherings

Nearly 9 million people vaccinated against coronavirus in the US, CDC says

States increasingly dumping CDC recommendations in giving out coronavirus vaccines, analysis finds

Some 400 members of the New York police department have been vaccinated this morning

Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium will turn into a vaccination site

The US has recorded more than 100,000Covid hospitalizations for 40 days in a row

Much of US data to catch newestcoronavirus variants is several months old

No evidence homegrown variant is fueling coronavirus surge in the US, CDC says

COVID-19 testing and vaccination at Hard Rock Stadium shut down for college football national championship game

Florida nurse stole $420K in COVID relief, prosecutors say

Nancy Bush Ellis sister of ex-President George H.W. Bush, dies at 94 fromCOVID-19 complications

Mortuaries in Southern California overwhelmed by COVID-19

Record low flu cases show how COVID-19 is ‘less forgiving,’ experts say

Aussie doctor’s at-home Covid test won US approval

Moderna is working on an HIV vaccine after its Covid-19 success

CDC director says Capitol storming will have public health consequences 

NBA must confront major COVID-19 issues after string of games postponed

Total US cases: 23,064,563
Total US deaths: 384,474
Total Recovered: 13,546,602
Total Tested in US: 265,555,566

Total cases in CA: 2,741,667
Total deaths in CA: 30,106

Total cases in TX: 1,975,989
Total deaths in TX: 30,684

Total cases in FL: 1,488,586
Total deaths in FL: 23,075

Total cases in NY: 1,167,149
Total deaths in NY: 39,592

Total cases in IL: 1,033,526
Total deaths in IL: 19,363
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