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Dr. Stuart Weiss: COVID-19 Update Friday 26-Feb-2021

Dr. Stuart Weiss, FACEP, FAAP, CBCP

February 26, 2021
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Coronavirus update for February 26, 2021

World Wide Update

Countries making deals with vaccine manufacturers undermines COVAX, WHO director says
Nigeria expects to receive 4 million vaccine doses next week, WHO official says
Canada’s health department authorizes AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine for use
Japan to end state of emergency due to Covid-19 for 6 prefectures this month
At least one US foreign service officer subjected to Covid-19 anal swab test in China, sources say
“We still have too much vaccine in the fridge,” says German health minister
India has supplied over 36 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines abroad so far
Queen Elizabeth II urges public to “think about other people” and get vaccinated
South Korea extends social distancing measures as vaccinations begin 
COVID cases detected on two US. Navy ships in Middle East
British man gets jail time for breaking COVID quarantine in Singapore
Czech Republic calls months-long state of emergency amid rising infections
Greece extends lockdown to more areas of the country
Vaccine hoarding by rich countries imperils vaccine access for poorer countries, WHO says
India allows people to choose vaccination sites
Berlin pupils allowed to repeat a year due to Covid disruption
Total Cases Worldwide: 113,916,623
Total Deaths Worldwide: 2,526,832
Total Recovered: 89,437,327

US Updates

US “may now be seeing the beginning effects of these variants,” CDC head warns
Now is “wrong moment” to try and change time between vaccine doses, CDC official says
The US Covid-19 stimulus legislation is being voted on in the House today 
About 70.5 million Covid-19 vaccine doses have been administered in the US
Concerning coronavirus variants are likely much more common than testing shows, CDC expert says
Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine “checks nearly all the boxes” needed for pandemic, expert says
Declines in US Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations are stalling, CDC director warns
White House launches new federal Covid-19 vaccination sites in North Carolina and Illinois
New York City vaccinated more than 61,000 people yesterday, a new record
An FDA committee is meeting to consider Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose Covid-19 vaccine
Single dose of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine may protect against asymptomatic infection, preprint study says
FCC approves $50-a-month internet subsidies for pandemic-stricken households
Fully vaccinated people can gather individually with minimal risk, Fauci says
Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines seem to be safe and adverse events are rare, new CDC analysis finds
Majority of US adults have been or want to get vaccinated as soon as possible, poll finds  
FDA advisers to consider third possible Covid-19 vaccine Friday
After weeks of sharp declines, new Covid-19 cases are beginning to flatten
CDC must encourage better ventilation to stop coronavirus spread in schools, experts say
California will receive over 380,000 Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine doses by next week
Black Lives Matter foundation awards 3,000 Survival Fund grants to Black families struggling in pandemic
Total US cases: 29,107,961
Total US deaths: 522,206
Total Recovered: 19,497,923
Total Tested in US: 345,963,936
Total cases in CA: 3,542,870
Total deaths in CA: 51,473
Total cases in TX: 2,636,976
Total deaths in TX: 43,444
Total cases in FL: 1,898,223
Total deaths in FL: 30,626
Total cases in NY: 1,663,819
Total deaths in NY: 47,615
Total cases in IL: 1,183,667
Total deaths in IL: 22,675
Total cases in GA: 1,000,822
Total death in GA: 17,219
Total Vaccines Administered in US: 70,454,064
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