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Dr. Stuart Weiss: COVID-19 Update Friday 21-August-2020

Dr. Stuart Weiss, FACEP, FAAP, CBCP

August 21, 2020
Today’s topics: College Campuses

College Campuses
As Colleges and Universities attempt to reopen to provide students with a campus living experience, many are being forced to hastily rewrite their plans as CoViD-19 outbreaks occur. Several, like University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Pittsburgh and Notre Dame had to abruptly suspend in-person classes when outbreaks occured on campus.

While some of the outbreaks have been blamed on students partying in off-campus locations, some campuses were clearly not ready to have students back on campus.

If you are considering sending your child back to college or university, you must take a proactive approach. Call the admissions office or alumni office or administration and ask them what plans are in place for the safety of your child. How are they handling the inevitable outbreaks that will occur. Have they thought through reducing student density in classrooms, limiting indoor gatherings, providing air exchanges for indoor spaces. What are they doing about face coverings for students, faculty and staff. What happens if your child develops a fever or other symptoms that could be consistent with CoViD-19. How is the school handling off campus activities and big fall football games.

All of these questions are important for you and your child to understand how to have a good residential college experience and stay safe.

Be well and take care of yourself. There are storm clouds on the horizon.–Dr. Stu
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Coronavirus update for August 21, 2020

World Wide Updates

Paraguay announces social quarantine due to increase in Covid-19 cases 
Lebanon nightly curfew now in effect as country records highest daily case increase
WHO will soon issue guidance on masks for children
Covid-19 vaccine will be a “vital tool,” but the pandemic won’t end on its own, WHO official says
Irish minister resigns after Covid-19 rules breach
Spain’s epidemic “out of control” in certain areas, says health emergencies director
Lights dim on cafe life in Buenos Aires, as Argentina grapples with Covid-19 and a grim future
Italy reports a sharp rise in infections
French authorities report the highest daily increase since April
Croatia is removed from UK’s quarantine exemption list due to a recent spike.
Poland records its highest daily increase since the beginning of the outbreak
Voluntary mass Covid-19 testing to begin in Hong Kong in September
Defying Bolsonaro, Brazilian congress orders mandatory mask wearing
Europe’s travel windows are slamming shut
Australia’s Health Minister says “No Jab, No Play” coronavirus vaccine policy is on the table
South Korea records more than 300 new daily cases for the first time since March
Japan coronavirus cases top 60,000 as country battles second wave of infections
New Zealand PM schools Trump on his “big outbreak” claims as country records 11 new cases
It’s official — citizens in China’s capital don’t have to wear masks outside anymore
Spanish brothels ordered to close amid spike in cornavirus infections linked to nightlife
South Africa surpasses 600,000 cases
WHO hopes coronavirus crisis can be over in less than two years
India cases nearing 3 million
Total Cases Worldwide: 23,043,507
Total Deaths Worldwide: 801,196
Total Recovered: 15,648,028

US Updates

University of Iowa discontinues sports programs due to Covid-19
Arkansas governor responds to reports of largest number of Covid-19 deaths on record
All New Hampshire restaurants can go to 100% capacity for indoor dining, governor says
36 Purdue University students suspended after breaking social distancing rules
Florida judge expected to rule next week on whether physical schools should reopen
CDC director highlights Rhode Island’s success at reopening childcare centers
Public schools in Boston will start academic year remotely
Southeastern Conference (SEC) expands Covid-19 protocols ahead of season college football season
More New York Mets games postponed due to Covid-19 concerns
CDC’s ensemble forecast now projects nearly 195,000 US coronavirus deaths by September
Dallas schools will start the year virtually next month
Covid-19 deaths should start dropping across US by next week, CDC chief says
US FDA sends more warning letters to companies selling fake Covid-19 treatments
Early CDC models forecast up to 2.4 million US Covid-19 deaths by October, director says
Up to 60 million Americans may have been infected with coronavirus, CDC director says
Total US cases: 5,787,022
Total US deaths: 178,995
Total Recovered: 3,112,125
Total Tested in US: 70,056,121
Total cases in CA: 656,590
Total deaths in CA: 11,887
Total cases in FL: 593,286
Total deaths in FL: 10,172
Total cases in TX: 593,253
Total deaths in TX: 11,510
Total cases in NY: 458,885
Total deaths in NY: 32,937
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