May 22, 2022

Don’t drink cocktails. But do look at them under a microscope

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Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 10.11.22 AMBy hipstomp/Rain Noe From core77

I loves me some booze, but I can’t stand cocktails. Anything I drink, I drink straight. This has nothing to do with manliness and everything to do with respecting the craft of the liquor manufacturers I patronize. There are families that spent centuries getting their distillation process just right, tweaking the flavors, getting the profiles just so, then you animals go and dump your pomegranate juice into it? You don’t cover a Le Corbusier chaise longue with a throw blanket, nor spray fluorescent green paint on a Rembrandt because it’s trendy. Please remember that cocktails became popular during Prohibition, when you needed to mask the taste of the nasty bathtub gin that was all you could get back then.

BevShots is a company that recognizes booze as art–but in their eyes, a visual art. Started by research scientist Michael Davidson, the organization puts crystallized booze on a slide and photographs it through a polarized light microscope. The results are stunningly beautiful, as you can see attached.

The company sells the resultant images as metallic prints, wrapped canvases, and even printed on flasks, pocket squares, scarves and neckties.

Everything you see above is hard liquor, but they also shoot beers and wines, which don’t look too shabby.

And yes, sadly, they also do cocktails. Hate it though I might, I must admit the Cosmo looks pretty damn cool.

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