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Does beer on tap taste any better?

Does beer on tap taste much better than in a bottle or a can? It is a very common debate amongst many beer lovers. Many people think that beer on tap tastes much better than other types of beer. However, there are various reasons for this. Because it is typically kept in a cask or keg rather than a bottle, draught beer typically has a more robust flavour and aroma than bottled beer does. This is because the beer is protected from environmental factors such as light, air, and temperature fluctuations. However, fresh and good quality canned beer can also be good.

There are many reasons which can indicate that beer on tap tastes much better. Some of those can be:

Why May Beer On Tap Taste Better?

The thought that beer on tap may taste better may have originated from a lot of things. First of all, you should know that tap beer is served in bars, pubs, and restaurants. These are the places that are created to offer a pleasant feel. Most people go to bars, pubs, or restaurants to relax and just having simple conversation with friends. This ambience plays a crucial part in how you can enjoy your drink. 

A good pub will ensure that you can get your draught beer in clear and attractive glass. This can be a good reason why many beer-lovers think that beer on tap is better. As a result of the proper care and maintenance that is typically provided for the beer lines in a pub, the draught beers that are served there often have a more robust flavour than their canned counterparts. 

While some beers tend to mature the longer, they are stored; this is not a common case. Most beers can become less flavourful if they are stored longer. The casks and kegs are kept in dark, cool rooms, and because of their opaqueness, they cannot get affected by sunlight. In contrast, bottled beers can get affected due to exposure to sunlight.

The reason is that the essential oils that come when the hops break down eventually affect the overall taste of the beer by making it more bitter. So, let us discuss some qualities which can make beer on tap a better option.

  • Texture and mouthfeel

There is something about the texture of beer on tap that is not similar to that of a bottled option. The alluring texture of a draught beer depends on the pressure settings and customized temperature of the modern draught system.

When the keg of the draught beer is connected to the draught system, continuous pressure is applied to the beer, giving it that texture that all beer lovers want to enjoy.

  • The aroma of the drink

It is a known fact that a great amount of our perceived taste comes from our sense of smell. Thus, when you drink beer from a glass, you can enjoy its great aroma in your every sip, and you can enjoy your drink in a way which you cannot experience while drinking bottled beer.

  • The freshness of the beer

As mentioned earlier, while enjoying a beer in a pub or a bar, you can have a fresh beer. The freshness of the beer has a great impact on the flavour of the brew, and hence, the beer poured from a keg tends to be tastier and fresher than what you drink from a bottle.

  • Exposure to light

Most beers are made in dark places and even are stored in shaded and dark areas. The main reason behind this is light exposure can spoil the beer to a great extent. When the beer hops are boiled, they create iso-alpha acids. These acids can be easily broken down by light. Moreover, exposure to sunlight can cause these acids to create a chemical that usually gives off flavour and a skunk smell. 

Fortunately, beer on tap is poured from a tap that is stored in a keg, which is stored in a place that is safe from light exposure. Thus, you can enjoy a fresh and alluring beer all the time.


So, these are the aspects that helps in keeping the beer on tap more tasty and enjoyable. 


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