May 30, 2020

Do you know your risk: STD’s continue to rise


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Sexually Transmitted Diseases (’s) are on the rise. There are several factors that play a role in this rise. Part is the fact that so many people are going untested and untreated. Many are treatable with antibiotics. Another factor is that some of the infections are becoming resistant to the antibiotics. This can occur when people continuously contract the disease and it is treated with the same antibiotics, they will become resistant and not work as well or at all. Those who are sexually active should be tested every year. If you are someone that is not in a monogamous relationship testing should be done every 3-6 months. 

Another cause for the rise is that young people and even some older are not using condoms. People often forget about STD’s and only focus on preventing a child. Though unwanted pregnancy can be prevented by birth control, this is not true for infections. Older people it is the same idea. They are no longer able to reproduce so they throw caution to the wind and do not think about other repercussions that can occur. Rates of STD’s in people of 65 have increased 73%. Condoms are necessary for more than preventing an unwanted pregnancy. 

Ways of contracting an STD are as follows:

• Sharing needles when doing drugs.
• Not using a condom correctly or at all.
• Abusing drugs or alcohol.
• Having multiple sexual partners. 

Condoms are often misused when they are used. They should be used for any kind of sexually activity, including oral, anal, or vaginal. Infections can be passed through any sexually contact. To be able to prevent STD’s there are some measures that can be taken:

• Receiving HPV, Hepatitis A, and Hepatitis B vaccines. 
• Properly using condoms.
• Having monogamous relationships.
• Abstaining from sexual contact. 

Without being tested it is impossible to know if you are suffering from an STD. Signs and symptoms will only have a small role in the decision. However, there are symptom checkers will can aid in deciding if you should be tested. Some infections are able to lie dormant or show very little symptoms for long periods of time. So, without being tested it is impossible to know for sure. Getting tested may be scary, but it is better to know and get treatment than to put others at risk and to risk your own long-term health. Should you test positive a doctor will be able to help in the treatment or to alleviate any symptoms that you may have. It will depend on the STD that you are infected with to decide the course of treatment. Some STD’s are viral and will stay with you for life, but there are ways to aid in the symptoms and\ to live your typical life. 

It is critical to explain to the young, old, and everyone in between that STD’s are real. The only way to prevent them is to recognize that they are out there and to take precautions. Testing can be done free at many clinics and without questions. Treatment is necessary to stop the spread and to keep healthy. There is not a single reason to ignore protecting yourself or others from contracting STD’s. There is not a single reason to neglect getting tested. Be aware! Understand what they are! Get tested!

Author Bio: Paige Jirsa– I work with, which provides users same day STD testing in a discrete and proficient manner.

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