November 27, 2020

Digital Storage Speeds Trade and Business Processes

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digital-file-storageEffective immediately, the Trade and Business Licence Unit (TBL) is now storing files digitally. This move will result in faster document retrieval, as well as greater sharing of multiple-purpose documents across government departments, once the relevant permissions are granted.

*‘When you are dealing with 300 to 400 applications for TBL renewals, and an average of 70 grants, per month, every step towards greater efficiency is important’, said Ryan Rajkumarsingh, head of the TBL unit in the Department of Commerce and Investment (DCI).

To date, the unit has converted more than three years of historical files to digital format. In addition to faster document retrievals and sharing, scanning documents in real time will significantly reduce processing time at TBL Board meetings, provide easier access to records, improve cross-referencing, and speed the generation of basic reports for statistical purposes.

Mr Rajkumarsingh said that today’s implementation of live scanning upon receipt of all applications for TBL grants or renewals is the culmination of several months of collaboration among key members of the TBL team, the Computer Services Department, and Innovative Imaging & Services Ltd.

Previously, TBL’s paper-based document storage lent itself to labour-intensive and time-consuming processes that often affected the unit’s ability to respond to clients in the timeliest manner.

Other recent improvements to the unit’s operations include the availability of interactive forms online at the TBL section of DCI’s website,, and the ability to email copies of certain documents to clients directly.

Work for the next six to eight months will focus on making ‘online declarations’ possible, meaning customers will soon be able to complete their forms online, hit send, and receive their licenses electronically.

*Note: Corrected by source on Feb 20 2013 at 9:32 am

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