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Digicel and the Ministry of Education bring home Olympian, Kareem Streete-Thompson to inspire Cayman’s Youth

Digicel Cayman, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, proudly announces the return of Caymanian Olympian Kareem Streete-Thompson to his home island. Streete-Thompson’s visit, made possible by Digicel and the Ministry of Education, is set to inspire and motivate the youth of Cayman.

Kareem Streete-Thompson, a renowned track and field athlete born in Cayman, arrived on Wednesday, December 13, after several years away. The highlight of his visit was his appearance at his former school, John Gray High School, on Thursday, December 14, where he shared his inspirational journey with the students.

Streete-Thompson’s return is a result of the collaborative efforts of Digicel and the Ministry of Education, who recognized the opportunity to bring home one of Cayman’s most accomplished athletes to inspire the younger generation.

“We recognized Kareem’s inspirational journey and believed that his experiences could resonate with the youth, aligning perfectly with Digicel’s commitment to community development,” said Mayra Castillo, CEO of Digicel. 

“This partnership with Kareem not only strengthens our commitment to community development but also aligns with our belief that empowering youth is a key aspect of building a stronger and more united community.”

Digicel’s role in community development extends beyond this initiative, as they actively contribute to the well-being and growth of the Cayman Islands. By collaborating with the Ministry of Education, Digicel ensures that initiatives like Kareem’s visit align with educational goals, promoting holistic development and providing support beyond the traditional educational framework.

“We believe that by exposing students to positive role models like Kareem, we can instill confidence, motivation, and a sense of possibility, creating a ripple effect that benefits not only the individuals but the community as a whole,” added Mayra Castillo.

Kareem Streete-Thompson, born on March 30, 1973, has represented the Cayman Islands in multiple Olympic Games, gaining international attention since his debut in the 1988 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. His achievement in long jump and sprint events has made him one of Cayman’s most accomplished athletes, inspiring youth to pursue their dreams.

Beyond his athletic achievements, Streete-Thompson has contributed to sports administration and the development of athletics in the Cayman Islands. His legacy extends beyond medals and records, encompassing a commitment to the growth and success of sports in his home island.

“I am excited to return to Cayman and share my journey with the youth. It’s a great honor to be part of an initiative that aims to inspire and uplift the younger generation,” said Kareem Streete-Thompson.

Looking ahead, Digicel aspires to further strengthen partnerships, engage the community in meaningful ways, and continue initiatives that uplift and empower the Cayman Islands.

IMAGES: Kareem Streete-Thompson speaking at John Gray High School 


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