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[Did you] call your dad on Father’s Day before posting a photo of him on Facebook

This Father’s Day, [did you] call your dad [?]

Your dad doesn’t care how many likes you collect on Instagram or Facebook. Just pick up the phone and call the guy.

Listen, I get it — you want to show all your friends what a total stud your dad was in his 20s or share a cute childhood, family photo where you look completely adorable and your sister is in peak awkward stage.

But before you post a photo on social media, let him hear your voice.

Imagine how many likes this guy would get on Instagram.
Imagine how many likes this guy would get on Instagram.

My sister is going to be so mad.
My sister is going to be so mad.

He wants to talk to you, not spend 30 minutes trying to figure out how Instagram works, only to see 12 “❤️❤️❤️omg so cute!” comments from people he doesn’t know.

You might say “but I don’t have much to talk to my dad about.” Have you ever talked to an 8-year-old? They say some stupid things and your dad used to listen to you talk all the time. As a kid, I spent hours explaining my high-level thoughts about American Gladiators, and you know what? He just listened (and then took me to Costco for a $1 hot dog).

Even better than just talking? Ask him a question. Ask him about his day, his life, the latest season of Blue Bloods, whatever — you’ll learn something. And maybe you’ll discover an even better story to share about him for the ‘gram.


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