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Dick Morris to Newsmax: Raid is desperate effort to stop Trump’s run

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By Eric Mack From Newsmax

The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago is not intended to send former President Donald Trump to jail as much as just damage him to keep him from running for president again, according to presidential adviser Dick Morris on Newsmax.

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“We have to realize that this is, that there’s no real way Donald Trump is going to go to jail,” Morris told Monday’s “Rob Schmitt Tonight.” “The appellate courts, even if they find the district judge under a rock who will rule that way, the appellate courts would never agree to that.

“But what they are trying to do is to make Trump so damaged, such damaged goods, that Democrats and Republicans look for primary alternatives – and all of a sudden, they see virtue in Mike Pence or Ron DeSantis. Not that they’re fomenting it. Those people are being used, but they’re being used to try to generate a primary fight against Trump, because the Democrats feel that’s the only way they can win.”Morris, a former adviser for Democrat President Bill Clinton and Trump, told host Rob Schmitt that Monday’s raid is evidence Democrats will go to political lengths Republicans would never resort to.

“I feel blessed with the ability to comment on this particularly insightful way because I’m probably the only person in American politics who was set so close to a Democratic and a Republican president while they were in office, or during the crucial days before their election campaigns,” Morris said. “And I’ve got to tell you: Democrats do this, and Republicans don’t.”

“Donald Trump plays between the foul lines, on the playing field,” Morris continued. “He never goes outside of it. He never engages in this kind of underhanded tactic. Even when he controlled the FBI and controlled the CIA, sort of, he doesn’t do that. The Democrats do.

“I’ve worked side by side with Trump; he’s a ruthless S.O.B., but on the playing field within the foul lines, not in extraneous stuff.”

Despite the effort to “damage” Trump’s impending 2024 plan, Morris said it only enhances the urgency to make sure Trump gets reelected.

“This is why it’s particularly urgent, for the point I’m making in my book, ‘The Return‘ – for us to elect Donald Trump president again: Our entire country depends upon it; our system of government depends upon it,” Morris said.

“Every banana republic in the world – and I’ve worked all over the world – arrests their former presidents. They go to jail and they get tried, and inevitably, they get found guilty, and they usually get condemned to house arrest.

“And if we start doing that in the United States, we are sunk.”

Morris warns the Democrats are operating with “no restraint” in their pursuit of keeping Trump out of office.

“That’s why we have got to get Donald Trump back in there – for God sakes, this is not about policy, or about inflation or about gas prices,” he added. “It’s about the future of the United States of America as a democracy.”

Notably, Trump has spoken about future presidential plans to drain the swamp by making sure unelected officials in an administration serve at the pleasure of the president, and are not held over from administration to administration whether they support the sitting president’s agenda or not.

“These guys stay there for 40 years, and they say, ‘the presidents come and go every four years and who gives a damn what they say; I’ll do what I want to do; I’m the environmental expert; I’m the interior department expert. I’m the defense expert, and I could care less what some president tells me to do,'” Morris said. “And what Trump wants to do is to repeal the civil service protections and make them serve at the pleasure of the people through their elected president.

“It’s amazing the change that is. He gave the speech last week that proposed this. Fox News never covered it, but it is the most revolutionary proposal by candidate for president, I think in recent history.”

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